Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wreckage Part II...Offense

If you read this blog, you know I like to look at statistics.  I do understand that football is not quite as measurable as some other the same time, I think it is more measurable than people think.

Saturday does not help me make that case.

On paper, BG's offense was pretty successful.  24 first downs and 400 passing yards--those are respectable numbers and usually winning numbers.  However, the offense was often 1 or 2 executed plays away from winning this game, and they never found those plays.

I think it is signficant that BG has 2 touchdowns the last two weeks, and they both are on relatively long passes...BG has not driven the ball into the end zone in either game.

To begin with, BG did not establish any running game at all.  Samuel and Hopgood were both injured so Jamel Martin got the start.  He had some decent stretches and there were some blocking issues, and BG finished with only 74 yards on 25 sack adjusted rushes, which is just less than 3 per carry.  Martin seemed to slip and fall more than you would expect, and the team was unable to generate that one yard they needed to make a key first down inside the Kent 10.

BG had only 3 rushing first downs.

I mentioned it last night, but the wildcat is not getting us anywhere in short yardage.  The opposition is just blowing it up.  I know the coaches think that is our best shot to score, but I just can't see what they think they are looking at.  It just seems like you would want to have your QB with the ball just to create some doubt.

The passing game is all about the timing.  BG complete 59% of its passes for a 13.8 yard average per reception, normally a very solid number.  5 BG receivers had receptions of 20 yards or more.  But, there were 2 red zone INTs, an inability to complete passes in tight quarters and a complete failure of the passing game when one drive could have salvaged the day.

Schilz was 8 of 19 in the 4th Quarter with 2 sacks, for example.

I know a lot of people are going to focus on the QB.  I was listening to John Gibson yesterday (BTW, most improved broadcaster in history, honestly, great to listen to) and he seemed to think that Schilz was misreading a lot of plays and missing 1-1 opportunities.  Also, in the final drives, he seemed to think that Schilz was a little locked onto Jorden and missing other open players.  There were also the 2 bad INTS.

Finally, Schilz helps defenses by what is an apparent unwillingness to run.  They can feel free to leave the area right in front of him open and put that guy on a receiver, because Schilz does not run the ball even when a risk-free 10 yards is right in front of him.

I think Coach Clawson would say, if asked, that we should be getting more out of the position.

Having said that, he was operating with very little run support yesterday and BG's line--after managing Temple's d-line effectively--lost more than its share of battles with the Kent line yesterday.  So, the effort does not fall solely onto Schilz's shoulders.  Those 3rd and 4th and short plays are on the line, mostly.

Bottom line is this.  The offensive unit is not as effective as it would be on a team that was consistently winning, and holds the responsibility for the loss yesterday.

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