Sunday, October 02, 2011

Cooper/Leacock, and Temple.

The Blade had a quote from Coach Clawson about the Cooper-Leacock situation.

"They practiced all week, and when we found out [about the problem] Thursday afternoon we tried to solve it as quickly as we could," BG coach Dave Clawson said. "We kept our fingers crossed that they would be available to play, but at the close of business Friday we didn't have an answer -- and they were technically ineligible."
Meanwhile, conference realignment might be hitting the MAC.  The Big East is voting today on extending an invitation to Temple.  Ironic that it would come one day after UT spanked them, but that is what people are reporting.  This has been buzzing for sometime...there were reports that Addazio has been telling recruits for months that the Big East was a done deal for the Owls.  We will see.

Of course, the Big East once kicked Temple out.  Would they go back?  I imagine they would.  Then, you wonder how that impacts the UMass to the MAC plans.

Don't forget that Temple is also a strong basketball school, and while the A-10 is a strong conference, the Big East is stronger.

I'd think you'd want to know that the Big East was stable.

Prediction:  Temple leaves and is back within 5 years.

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