Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ICSTR for this week

The ICSTR has reviewed the Toledo game's special teams, and is finding the most remarkable trend in the UT games since the ICSTR's 2009 founding.  Of course, UT has won 2 of the 3 games.  But, they are the only 3 games where BG has been in double digit positives over that period of time, and the only time the opponent has been in double digit negatives.

Saturday was BG's best special teams game of the Clawson era.

For whatever reason, BG has dominated special teams against the Rockets...

Let's take a look.

For BG, the positive plays were a 59 yard punt to the 10 (+2), a punt to the 14, a kickoff return to the 39, a kickoff return to the 38, a successful fake punt (+3) and a kickoff return TD (+6) for +14.

Negative play was a missed 24 yd FG (-1).  +13 net.

For UT, positive plays were a 46 yard net punt, and a punt downed inside the 10 (+2) (+3).

Negative plays:  penalty on a punt return that created a 52 yard net change in field position, a 17 yard net punt, a 13 yard net punt, the kickoff returns to the 39 and 38, the allowed fake punt (-3) and the TD allowed on KO return (-6) for negative total of -14 and a net of -11.

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