Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reviewing the Offense....

In his post-game interview, Coach Clawson said that BG's offense was good enough to outscore the opponent, which was the objective.  And they were.  Against a very good defense, BG put together 3 drives and really one big play, but they made that play right when they needed it and it was for a touchdown.

For some perspective, BG's 318 yards was the most allowed by Temple, and they played Penn State, Maryland and UT.  BG had 14 first downs, one more than Temple, and had 4.7 yards per play, .1 more than Temple had.

I thought the offensive star was Anthon Samuel.  He had a 112 yard day on only 18 carries, which is 6.2  per carry.  He was vital in helping BG drive out from their own 2 for their first field goal and converted a key fourth down run.  The line deserves credit for this as well...Temple has a couple lineman who are heading to the NFL, and they certainly won their share of the battles.  However, so did our guys, and they gave Samuel some room to run.  

I don't believe last year's team would have been able to run the ball under these circumstances, so big credit to the guys for making that happen.

The passing game was OK.  Schilz was 20-34 for 204 yards.  BG gave up 19 yards on 3 sacks which means the passing game was 185 on 37 attempts which is exactly 5 yards an attempt, which is not good.  BG gave up a couple sacks early and then did what they did against Miami, which was to start to tailor the play calling to help protect the QB.  

Again, it wasn't a great day passing, but when BG did hit two big passes on their only TD drive...the drive that won the game.  If Cooper catches that slant, these numbers take a big jump.

The most frustrating thing about the offense was the continuing use of the Hopgood Wildcat, which was clearly not getting anywhere.  I know it has worked before, but I swear it is going to be nominated for the "Gregg Brandon Stubborn Playcalling Award" this year.  It was most frustrating on 3rd and 2 from the Temple 11 when BG had a chance to get a TD.  BG did not make the first down, obviously.  Earlier, on a 4th down play they had let Samuel run the ball out of a normal formation (with more things for the defense to consider) and he made it.  I just think you'd want your best guy with the ball---leaving all kinds of misdirection open.

Be that as it may, however.  The offense was good enough, did not turn the ball over, and made plays when they were needed most.  I look forward to seeing them get untracked against some parts of the schedule that are coming up.

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