Sunday, October 09, 2011

Future and Former Opponent Land

Idaho (1-5)--Lost 2411 to LaTech at the Kibbie Dome.
Morgan State (3-3)  Beat Savannah State 44-17
Wyoming (3-2)  Lost 63-19 to Utah State
Miami (1-4) Rallied to beat Army 35-28
WVU (5-1) Beat UConn 43-16.
Toledo (3-3)--Killed EMU.
Temple--(4-2)  Killed Ball State
Kent--(1-5)  Lost 40-10 to NIU
Northern (3-3)--Drilled Kent 40-10.
Ohio (4-2)--Lost in upset of the day to Buffalo
Buffalo (2-4) Defeated OU in the upset of the day

MAC vs:

All out of conference: 21-30
All FBS:  9-30
All FCS: 12-0
All BCS: 3-27

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