Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Benchmark Report, UT Style

So, here are the benchmark stats for the game...a few notes:

BG's defensive performance was much improved over the WMU game.  UT played a bulletproof game, however, with no turnovers and no sacks.

A 2-yard per play difference is pretty huge.

This sweet spot thing is something I am working on.  Last year, only 3 teams in the MAC were able to complete 60% of their passes with 12 yards per reception or more.  Normally, if you go for more yards, then your  percentage falls, and if you throw high percentage passes, your yardage falls.  I suggest that this is a number that represents some pretty good productivity, and note that while UT only passed on 1/3 plays, they did hit this number.

BG's running game was actually reasonably productive in the big picture, when you remove the sack yards.  However, the passing game was not productive.  Not only did BG complete less than 50% (sack adjusted) but the yardage per reception was also poor.

UT was deadly in the redzone as WMU was.

UT's 5.7 yards per rush was one yard over the league average.

Right now, if a team can get away with running the ball on 68% of their plays against BG, it is hard to imagine them losing.

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Robert said...

Numbers make the game look worse than it did sitting in the stands (Sec 15, Row 26). Had a good time anyway.