Sunday, October 16, 2011

Former and Future Opponent Land

Idaho (1-6)--Lost 31-24 to @New Mexico State.  This team clearly is not anywhere near as good as anyone expected out there.
Morgan State (4-3)  Beat NC Central 52-3.
Wyoming (4-2)  Beat UNLV 41-14.
Miami (2-4) Beat Kent 9-3 in leather helmet football.  Got 9 the hard way--TD and a safety.
WVU (5-1) took a well deserved week off

WMU (4-3) So, everyone starts to take WMU seriously and then they get BLOWN OUT by NIU.  Check Graham Couch out here.   NIU came out of the locker room behind and ran only two plays over and over again in the 3rd quarter and annihilated the Broncos.  NIU scored 24 3rd quarter points, 38 in the second half, and finished with 697 total yards with 494 on the ground.  Meanwhile, they largely controlled WMU's "unstoppable" offense.

Temple--(5-2)  Second straight blow out.  Beat Buffalo 34-0.  Scoring margin is 76-0 since UT game.
Kent--(1-6)  Lost 9-3 to Miami.
Northern (4-3)--See above.
Ohio (4-3)--Lost at home to Ball State by 3.  Two straight close losses.
Buffalo (2-5) Temple, see above.

MAC vs:

All out of conference: 21-30
All FBS:  9-30
All FCS: 12-0
All BCS: 3-27

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