Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clawson Presser. Rocket edition....

Coach Clawson made his weekly appearance in front of the local media yesterday in advance of Saturday's rivalry game with the hated Rockets.

He didn't have a huge amount to say. I will say this. It was probably coachspeak, but he seemed honestly confident that BG will play well Saturday. He felt that BG was competitive at WMU and that we are an improved and good football team.  We have practiced well this week, and he expects us to play well on Saturday.

In fact, he was relatively upbeat about the WMU game.  He noted that we missed some tackles and the defense did not show the resilience that he hoped for, but the offense did, at least during the first half.  He felt we have showed improvement and the score was not indicative of the play on the field.

Now, not to be the fly in the ointment, but he cites the wins over Idaho and Miami as games we would not have won last year, but both teams do have 1 win each on the season.  And, I'm not sure I totally saw the WMU game as competitively as he did.

I do think the team is improved, however.  And Saturday is as good a time as any to show it, because our friends up North expect to blow us out.  We cannot afford to play anything less than our best game.

He was asked if the two blow out losses would cause the team to doubt itself.  He said that it would not. He said we are a good football team.

He was asked about UT's banged up defense, and whether BG might try to beat UT with offense.  Coach said he expects our defense to play well, too.  A good football team can win high and low scoring games.

He complimented the UT staff for the many different ways they have of getting Eric Page the ball.

Beyond that, there were not a lot of other useful nuggets.

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