Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Statistical check in....

Usually at this point in the week we look at the statistical benchmark thing I developed, but all those benchmarks were developed for MAC games, and we don't need a big chart to show what happened down in Morgantown.  Instead, I have scoured the game notes for the following factual nuggets.

  • BG's last 2-0 MAC start was 6 years ago.
  • BG is -10 in turnover margin since the Idaho game.

Anthon Samuel has 3 100 yards games this season.  I was shocked to see that only 12 times in our program's history has a player had 3 100 yard games or more in the same season.  I just thought it would be higher.  Those 12 occurrences encompass only 8 runners.  Here they are:

  • Dave Preston did it 3 times
  • Paul Miles 2
  • Fred Durig 2
  • Zeb Jackson, Bryant Jones, PJ Pope, Joe Alls, Samuel, once each.

On 3rd down, BG is overall doing very well, but in an upside down way.

  • BG is only converting 52% on 3rd and 3 or less, even with the improved run game. (Last year at this time it was 64%).
  • On the other hand, BG is at 36% on 7 and over and 36% and 10 and over.  The FBS average is actually around 36% for ALL PLAYS.
  • Last year at this time, BG was converting 11% on 10+.

Does this mean that the importance we place in staying on schedule is wrong?  HA. No.  Hopefully, as our power games solidifies, we will see those short yardage numbers improve.

In terms of defending 3rd down plays:

  • BG is allowing 67% on less than 3 yards, as opposed to 75% at this time last year.
  • Above 3, however, the Falcons are very good, allowing only 14% conversions.  (Last year at this time, it was 40%).  
  • 42% of 3rd down plays against BG have been with 10 yards or more to go.

In terms of TD drives, BG has 9 drives of 70 yards or more.  Last year at this time, it was 2.

Meanwhile, while we have been concerned about giving our opponents short fields, BG has 5 scoring drives of 20 yards or less while our opponents have none.  Of course, that is a VERY short field.

Finally, I think 20 yard plays should be a stat that is kept for teams and for players.  Having said that, right now BG has 22 plays of 20 yards or more from scrimmage.  Last year at this time, it was 14.

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