Tuesday, October 04, 2011

International Centre for Special Teams Research...Week 5

The reports are now in....the ISCTR has issued its statement.  Actually, if there was one part of the game where BG did not get killed, this was it.  In fact, both teams ended up in positive territory.  Let's look.

BG's positive plays were a 77 yard kickoff return (+2), a kickoff return to the BG 49, a punt to the WVU 10, and a 46 yard net punt for +5.

Negative plays were a fumbled kickoff (-3), and a kickoff WVU returned to their 37.  That's -4, and a +1 net.

WVU picked up that fumbled kickoff (+3), the kickoff returned to the WVU 37, a 45 yard field goal, and an 11 yard punt return that made a boomer an average net kick.  (+6)

Negative plays include the Gates kickoff return (-2), and a 14 yard punt, the other Gates return.  (-4) for a net of +2.

Now here's the three season tally.

You can see.  After winning the battle last year, BG is losing this year.  Having said that, all the numbers are in the median and the only game where BG has been really bad was the Wyoming game.  There's certainly room for improvement, but this year, the good plays are more or less balancing out the bad ones.


Anonymous said...

Suggestion for the ICSTR - why not overlay a column in the spreadsheet reflecting whether BG was the victor in each game represented and what the margin of victory / loss was in the game.

My guess, special teams results, well reflected by ICSTR, play a much larger role in close wins and losses, demonstrating the importance of the third side of the ball.

Just a thought.

Orange said...

Good suggestion! Let me work on that for next week.