Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Book of Samuel

Just a quick note on Anthon Samuel, who is (relatively) quietly have a pretty special year for the Falcons.

He currently has 704 rushing in 7 games.  With 4 games left, he is on pace to reach 1,000 yards.  It would only be the 11th 1,000 yard season in the program's history, which always surprises me.  He would be only the 8th back to reach it.  (Miles, Saleet, Preston, Durig, Jones, White and Pope, most recently).

Beyond that, the program's freshman record is 769 by Chris Bullock, followed by Godfrey Lewis at 753.  So, with his 66th yard, Anthon will have set the freshman record.

What is most interesting is that he wasn't really even considered in the mix for this Fall, but he has emerged as our #1 runner and it isn't close.

(In The Blade's Falcon Fodder, JW reports that Samuel did not practice Wednesday but is considered probable for the Kent game.  He has post-concussive symptoms.)

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