Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clawson Presser: Over the Hump? You talking over the hump?

So, I watched Coach Clawson's presser for this week.  When you filter out all the stuff the media asks about the team's emotional state after a big win/loss, there wasn't a lot of news made.

The best part was when someone asked Coach if the Kent game was now a "trap" game because the Falcons had gotten "over the hump" against Temple.  I though Coach was going to lapse into Mora-talk as he informed the questioner that the team is not "over the hump,"  is not "there" yet, and if they think they are, they are in for a big disappointment.

BG has learned how to play off a tough they need to learn how to play off a big win.  BG played awful against Kent last year.

Noted:  Kent kicked the crap out of BG and we don't dwell on it but we know it.  And so do they.

On bye weeks, Coach says they are a double edged sword in the MAC because they are often followed by a short week.  However, he feels the Kent's bye week has been perfect for them.  He notes (as has been in the paper) that Kent has been shifting guys around all week trying to find a combination that works.

He spent considerable time dissembling Kent's record and making the case for how their record is not indicative of how good they are.  (As Don Nehlen used to say, "perhaps the best 1-6 team in the nation."

He likes the tempo in practice, but really judges prep based on how things are on Thursday and Friday.  He said last week, the defense was completely locked in during late week game prep, and he hopes to see that against next week.

He did note that without that 4-9 play, the Temple game would have been the same old story--5 or 6 missed 4th Quarter plays costing us the win.   He was taking great pains to make the point that this team is a long way from where they need to be.

My note:  BG has not won back to back games against FBS opponents since the 4-game winning streak to round out the 2009 season.

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