Thursday, October 20, 2011

MAC Blogger Roundtable---Our host, Red and Black attack

1. Just when one team thinks they have a hold of the division, it seems like the next week they get upset by a seemingly lesser-talented surprise team. How do you explain the volatility in the MAC this year, with CMU beating NIU, then NIU beating WMU and EMU defeating CMU just this past week?
  1. The coming apocalypse
  2. Preparing for "Occupy the MAC" (Aren't we the 1%?) 
  3. Genetically modified asparagus
  4. El Nino
  5. Mayan prophecy
OK, so maybe there is one more....the "good" teams in the MAC are still flawed, and the "bad" teams have enough strength (EMU's run, for example) to have a puncher's chance in any game.  No team in the MAC has shown itself to be incapable of self-destruction, except Toledo.  And there's still time.

2. Going off of the last question, how emotionally involved are you with your respective team? Do you have your highs and lows or do you try and keep an even keel the entire season following your respective squad?

I am very emotionally involved, which happens every year.  Or, I wouldn't be doing this.  Having said that, my general philosophy is to ride the highs and minimize the lows.  After all, the purpose of following sports is supposed to be because it is fun.

3. It seems like the MAC is past being a league where just offense prowess can win the league. Is that statement correct? Do you think your team has the right balance this season, or will one side of the ball have to carry the other the rest of the way?

It will be interesting.  NIU might be in the process of proving that you can, in fact, win with offensive prowess alone, although that is still up in the air.  In general, it is very difficult to win the games you need when you either cannot score or cannot stop anyone.  You are too reliant on one element, and if the other teams stops it or you just have a bad day, you are left without a backup plan.

As for the Falcons, I think the team is balanced in the sense that neither the offense nor the defense is where it needs to be.  The defense is closer.  The offense has to get more consistent.  I do think BG is on track for a very balanced football team, but they are not there today.

 4. If you could get a top recruit for one position on your team, which one would it be?

I am tempted to say placekicker.  I'd like to even have a medium recruit.  Beyond that, let's say OT...

 5. Rank los equipos

  1. UT 
  2. Temple 
  3. NIU
  4. WMU
  5. Ball State
  6. OU 
  7. Buffalo 
  8. BG 
  9. Miami 
  10. EMU 
  11. CMU
  12. Kent 
  13. Akron

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