Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ICSTR, Week 6 report

The scribes have been puzzling over the WMU game ever since it concluded.  For the first time in recent memory, there was only one negative special teams play in the entire game.  BG finished at +3 and WMU finished +8.  The only negative play was a Boo Boo KO return that ended up on the 16...every other play was either positive, or (mostly) neutral.

For example, BG's positive plays were a 46 net punt (out of bounds, +1 for BG, no points impact for WMU), a 51 yard net punt, a 70 yard kickoff touchback, and a punt downed inside the 20, combined with the Gates kickoff return for a total of +3.

WMU had 3 kickoffs for a touchback, the stop at the 16 on the Gates return, a 41 yd FG, a punt down inside the 20 and the 10 (+2).

So, in general, no big plays in the special teams at all, and just a few workmanlike field position plays.  No turnovers, no huge returns.  (The absence of big returns is actually to BG's credit).

So far, BG's opponents have brought some very strong special teams play. They are +21 already, and only reached +14 the last two seasons put together.  At the same time, there is always an opportunity to get a big negative number.  BG's special teams have been OK, on balance, but we have been outplayed by the opposition.

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