Monday, October 31, 2011


November is almost here, and that means it is down to bidness in the MAC.  As always, there are all kinds of things that could happen....there are a bunch of games left to be played and, especially in the East, no team has asserted itself and any of four teams could take the division.

Here are the standings and then the remaining games...

Obviously, we are concerned about the Falcons here...and while it is a stretch to think they are going anywhere, it is not outside the realm of possibility.  I will predict this.  No team in the East will finish with 2 losses.  Therefore, BG's 3 losses could have a shot.  But, to make that happen, BG would have to win out, and this is a team that has not won back to back FBS games in two seasons.  Not that it couldn't happen, but it certainly is a long shot.

IF it did, and BG won out, then OU would have 3 losses, Temple could lose to OU, Miami could lose to Temple and Kent could lose to everybody.  If that happened, there could be a 4-way tie at the top of the East, which BG would win.

So, if you want the odds, if BG wins out, I think they would very likely win the East.

Again, based on Saturday, I don't expect that.  But anything can happen.  If you are looking for something to root for, root for OU to beat Temple....if the Owls get by that one, the sailing is a lot clearer.

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