Friday, December 31, 2004

Special teamers get long-term deals, and Lions preview has announced long-term deals for Donte Curry and Nick Harris. I guess Curry is a good special teams player, versatile, and worth the long-term deal. Nick Harris is the #24 punter in the NFL in average, and he's 29th in net average. I don't see what the big deal is there. On the other hand, we're talking seven yards a punt between top and bottom, so maybe its not worth worrying about. Plus, in the NFL, he can always be cut anyway.

I also saw that Harrington, who is due for big $$ this year, is willing to restructure to help the team on the cap. Clearly, he hasn't earned the big $$, and the only way for him to get them long-term, and not for just one season, is to get some players around him.

Good special teams players are vital, especially in the era of the salary cap.

Lions are playing the Titans, a team with a worse record than them on Sunday. I'd be nice to win and get to 7 wins, but with a loss we draft higher, so I'm OK either way. I plan on being at Anderson Arena on Sunday. Lions recap can be expected sometime next week.

It was bound to happen

We got on the court last night in Oakland and got completely waxed. We've been playing so well--and shooting so well--that we were bound to have an off night and last night was it. We didn't defend well, Oakland shot well, and we couldn't hit the broadside of the barn. This is an Oakland team that got waxed earlier by Akron.

It happens. Luckily, it happened in a game that doesn't matter to us, whatsoever. Now, its a test of the team's ability to bounce back. Buffalo is coming, and some people expect them to win the Eastern Division. They have a big-time player and some big-time ability. If we're the team we appear to be, we bounce back from the season's first real advertsity and beat Buffalo at home on Sunday. Like I have said earlier, its a one game at a time thing with our guys.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

2005 Falcon Depth Chart

How does the depth chart look as the season ends for next season. In a word, veteran. Big holes are line depth, though our next generation of players was highly touted during reccruiting, and depth in the D backfield. We are one proven receiver short of what we have been in the past, but have good looking, talented players coming up.

Let's look:

TE O'Drobinak, So

Note: This is not a key position.

LT: Warren (All MAC, Sr.)
Nystrom (So--fab five member)

LG: Lichtensteiger (All MAC, SO)
--New Line guy, see below

(Its always hard to tell what positions guys might land at. For example, Watson might move to RG and start. With that in mind, new line players are below)

C: Culp (Sr.)
--New Line guy, see below

RG: Patrick Watson (So fab 5)
--New Line guy, see below

RT: Markray (Jr, 340, big fella)
--New Line guy, see below

New line Guys

Edward Massey (So, Fab 5)
John Lanning (Jr)
Kevin Huselman (So)
Jeffrey Fink (R-Fr)

Z Derrick Lett (Sr)
Greg Hutcherson (So)

X Sharon (Sr)
Benjy Kennedy (So)

QB Jacobs (Jr)
Turner (Fr)

TB Pope (Sr)
Lane (Sr)

H Jones (Jr)
Corey Partridge (R-Fr)

E Sanders (Sr)
Brantley II (Jr.)


E Crossley (jr)
Diryal Briggs (So)

NG Thaler (Sr)
Cooley (Sr)

Dt Williams (Jr)
Cooley (Sr)

E Parks (Jr)
Mack (So)

MLB Johnson (SR)
John Haneline (R-Fr)

WILL Piepkow (Sr)
White (Jr)

SAM Sharpe (Sr)
Peter Winovich (So)

CB Mayberry (Sr)
Nicholson (Sr)

SS Crumpler (Sr)
Tim Arnold (Sr)

FS Perry (So)
Loren Hargrove (So)

CB Jordan (Sr)
Simonton (Sr)

K Timichenko/Fry--assume we are recruiting here
P Fry (Sr)

Milton @ $25 Million

Massive debates are raging over the Eric Milton signing. Many Reds fans feel the contract is too large and too long. We'll see. $25 million is a lot. Uncle Carl has opened the purse a little, if for no reason other than good business. Another year of poor teams and attendance is going to suffer. A baseball game costs too much money for "casual, entertainment fans" to come back often enough to build a good gate.

Milton is a fly ball pitcher. On the plus side, ESPN says that the homers in GABP are about 4% over normal, while in Philly they are 13% over normal, so his numbers should get a little better.

In 2004, the Reds had only three pitchers pitch anything close to significant innings who had a GO/FO ratio near Milton's. One was Gabe White who gave up 6 HR's in 21 innings at home...near 3/ 9 IP. On the other hand, Joe Valentine, who had an ERA of 4.40, gave up 2 in 14.1 innings at home, for a ratio of about 1.3--or above league average. Finally, Luke Hudson gave up 2 in twenty five innings pitched at home with a 4.26 ERA. This should demonstrate that you can pitch with fly balls in the ballpark--if only in short duration.

Hudson is more of a power pitcher than Milton, so that helps. Still, I think Milton can bring down his HR numbers in GABP.

News Flash. Mooch doesn't like Joey

Can you believe it? Mooch blames Joey for dropped balls? Wow. I mean, I saw those drops by Roy Williams...he has to catch those. What is supposed to happen---Joey run out and hand it to him. Joey has plenty of accuracy problems, but that isn't the only problem are O has. Mooch has it in for Joey. More fuel to the idea Joey is only playing because of the front office.

Eric Milton to the Reds

The Reds picked up another starting pitcher today--pretty much of the variety of the past few months, when they signed Eric Milton, a lefty designated an "all-star" by the Reds, which apparently is a permanent designation earned with one trip to the midsummer classic.

Anyhow, he's not a bad pick up. Its a three year deal, and we likely end up eating year three...on the other hand, you can almost always deal a lefty to a contender if you have to.

He's an average pitcher, really.

ERA (4.75, NL AVG 4.30)
OPS Against (.813, NL Avg .752)
K/BB (3.09, NL avg 1.93)
BB/9 (2.62, NL 3.38)
K/9 (6.63, NL 6.24)
H/9 (9.06, NL 9.09)
GO/FO (.59, NL ??)

In prose, here's the Milton story. He's a good control pitcher who K's an amount that will let him succeed. He doesn't give up a lot of hits. However, he's a flyball pitcher who was in a home run park last year. He gave up 42 dings, which is almost double the league average. GABP is supposedly neutral. If those flys die on the warning track, he could be stronger than he was even when he was with the Twins. We'll see. But we might have lined him up with the correct situation.

The rotation now looks decent:

Claussen or anyone else

This team could finish .500. They've got the building blocks. And if they get hot and stay healthy--you never know. Hope springs eternal.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Consensus: It was a TD

The word from Detroit appears to be that it was a TD, and we caught a break at the end of the game yesterday. We'll take it.

As for the playoffs, they are a mathematical impossibility. But, we will finish out of last for the first time in three years. WOO-HOO!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Sixth Win Against Weak Bears

While I am still open to the idea that we are just this close to being pretty good, you can't rule out the possibility we are as bad as ever. Today's game with the Bears is a case in point.

They are a pitiful offensive team (the worst in the NFL) with a failed QB and limited playmakers. Our defense certainly did hold them down, but they ran for more than 100 yards and completed a large number of short passes. However, to their advantage, they only turned it over once, and the offense was within one very close replay to leading with less than a minute left.

This is on our field.

Now, when we had the ball, Jones ran well for 123 yards. Joey was mediocore, and the receivers were weak. Too many drops-even from vets like Hakin and a rookie like Williams. They didn't help Joey at all. On the other hand, when we went empy and the Bears undertook the standard defensive adjustment--blitzing--we seemed to have not considered that option. Joey flung the ball over his head, and the Bears got the TD that kept them in the game.

There were other instances when Joey failed to go downfield in critical situations and dumped it off instead. And he was inaccurate, too. But, when the guys were open and he hit them, there were too many drops.

Defensively, I think this team is strong and has the potential to be a show-stopper next season. Offensively, with a solid running game, and a safe passing game, maybe this team could do enough to win. Today, we did barely enough against a bad team.

I'm going to check the math guys for the playoff permutations, but let's assume we have a meaningless game against the Titans for a seven win season--a continuing upward progression, but is it enough?

Lions to Face Bears In Meaningless Contest

Yet, people will watch. A sixth win is a possibility.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas

Lions Look to Next Year, Free Agency

The Killer's looking at Lions Free Agents on today. Interesting. We have 16 unrestricted free agents, (my 12/24 prediction on their status is included):


DT Shaun Rogers (KEEP, franchise if necessary)

TE Stephen Alexander (Buh-Bye)

T Stockar McDougle (Only at a good price)

C Dominic Raiola (Keep)

QB Mike McMahon (Buh-Bye)

WR Tai Streets (Buh-Bye)

DT Kelvin Pritchett (OK @ right price, can't overpay)

WR Reggie Swinton (Buh-Bye)

S Bracy Walker (Buh-Bye--set Terrence Holt Free!!)

DT Marcus Bell (OK @ right price)

LB Donte Curry (OK @ right price, but he could go)

QB Rick Mirer (Who knows)

P Nick Harris (keep)

LB Wali Rainer (keep)

FB Stephen Trejo (Buh-Bye)

S Dainon Sidney (Buh-Bye)

Restricted (All of these guys we keep)

WR Eddie Drummond

CB Chris Cash

CB Andre Goodman

T Victor Rogers

G Tyrone Hopson

S Vernon Fox

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Falcons Top Off Season with Bowl Win

It was a very good day to root for the Falcons. The GMAC Bowl win is a nice way to end the season. Don't get me wrong---I'd trade the Toledo game for the GMAC game anyday. But the win was nice.

Nice because Omar really got to shine in front of a national audience. His 5 TD's showed everyone what he could do.

Nice because our seniors got to leave with a victory.

Nice because the defense came to play in the second half, instead of falling apart.

Nice because we were up two touchdowns when Williams went out (and yes, I understand his health had a big role in the game).

Nice because when the passing struggled, we went to PJ, and he produced, and then the pass opened up again (lesson learned from Toledo).

Nice because Coach Stud got some pub, too, on ESPN.

Nice because we had things going south, and we turned it around.

Nice because it made a snowy Northwest Ohio night fun.

Nice because Keon got an interception in his last game.

Nice because it sets us up for a season when we should be the favorites to win the MAC.

And that has to be the next goal. We've won the division, and two bowl games in four seasons since Blackney left. We are 37-12 in that span. And now we need a MAC Title. Not the West--or East, whichever--but the MAC Title. It has been 12 seasons since we won the MAC, and the time has come to finish the job this year.

If it means winning on the road, we win a big game on the road. If it means shutting down a big RB, we do it. If it means making a big special teams play, we do it. We have lots back--especially on defense.

One last thing. I understand Memphis' coach said that we had only played one big-time defense and that was Oklahoma. I don't know if he still thinks that, but let's be clear. This team can move the ball on anyone. The MAC is a better conference than the CUSA, and I don't think its close.

A 9-3 record for the Falcons, and a great send off to the year. We'll review the season shortly, and then look at the opening depth chart. But, in the meantime, let's savor the bowl system, which let us finish with a victory, get some practices in, and move on to a victory on national TV.

Three Lions Make Pro Bowl

Apocalypse near. Just kidding. They all deserved it. We do have a few good players, and, in fact, you could argue James Hall should have gone, too.

Final home game on Saturday. Bears is a winnable game, and a nice chance to show that the near misses are signposts on the way to respectability, and not more of the same.

Its almost draft speculation season.

One thing is clear. You have to stick with Harrington. There are no other FA QBs, no trades in the NFL (and not much to trade) and no way anyone can stomach starting all over again. We're halfway across Niagara Falls on a tightrope, and we can't change our tactics without falling to our death.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Falcons Cruise Over Mastadons

Not much to say here. You shoot 80% in the first half against a team much worse than yours, and you walk to the victory. Makes up for the loss last year. Josh played well as did Reimold.

That makes us 6-1, with a six game winning streak. Coach was happy (though I figured he would be PO'd in general) and felt that a win before Christmas lets everyone have a Merry Christmas.

Oakland next, then Buffalo.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

GMAC Days Coming

Big day in Memphis is coming tomorrow. Could rain like crazy THERE and snow like crazy here. Who does rain help? Them.

Reds Sign Randa

Beyond the qualities of alliteration, it adds little. He can play third if/when Kearns is back in the OF. He's a fine player. We are at best a .500 team next year, and nothing we have done has really changed it.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

I'd like to say I'm surprised...

at how the game today turned out, but I'm not. No Lions fan should be. You make the big rally, head down the field without a time out, get into the end zone, Harrington with the flu, Roy on a gimpy hip, and you score, and you're going to send it into OT and salvage a late season game--yes against a team in as sharp a death spiral as we are, and yes, a team that couldn't stop the pass under any circumstances, but it would be a win, nonetheless.

So, the long snapper--I think its our third this season--dribbles the ball back to the punter, and the most forgotten play in pro sports puts us into defeat. ESPN said Joey was crying...

Remember when these things used to happen, and Bobby Ross would drawl "I don't coach 'em to do that." That's how frustrating the Lions are to coach.

If you check the Lions post-game transcripts, Joey was on IVs, barely made if out of the locker room with the flu. So, his barely over 50 completion percentage, and his two pics are less that topic than they normally are.

One thing, amid the gloom. Sometimes losing some close games is the last thing that happens before a team bursts out. With a running game, maybe Joey clicks in his fourth season, and we get some D in the draft, Rogers comes back, you get the idea. We might be closer than you think.

But ay carumba. How long must we sing this song?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

GMAC preview

Its not hard to see how this game is going to boil down. This is a good Memphis team, and we probably match up as poorly on defense as we have any team since Oklahoma. Luckily, they opposite is true as well...let's look.

When Memphis has the ball

DeAngelo Williams, is the best RB we have faced since the OK game. He averaged 166 yards per game--which was more than 40 more than the second best in that league. Its the second in the nation. Its better than 5 CUSA teams. Its about what BG rushed for in each game. It breaks down to 6.2 yards per carry...and 21 TD's.

This kid is the real deal. This could well be his last game as a Tiger, so he'll be looking at scoring on a big stage. Given the problems our defense had with MAC runners, we could be in trouble.

You know, on bulk stats, our run D isn't too bad. 3.7 yards per carry. But, check out these numbers:

Wolfe (NIU) 202 Yards
Seymour (CMU) 155 yards
Givens (BSU) 123 yards
McDougle (UT) 112 yards

In other words, decent runners gained on us this year. Anthony Sherell is the only big-time RB we shut down this year. we have some time to prepare for him, but I really fear that he will eat us alive running the ball.

He runs behind an all-conference lineman (Frederic the center). Four of the five starters are seniors, so this is a seasoned bunch.

They are not one-dimensional, however. Danny Wimprine, their QB, is also a senior and second-team All-CUSA. They were fouth in the conference in passing O, and have a stud receiver in senior Tavares Gideon.

This team reminds me a lot of NIU. Hot TB, good QB who can go over the top if 8 get into the box, and a big receiver like Shelton. And a seasoned, big O-Line.

What are our chances? Well, there are a couple.

Maybe the UT debacle has finally shocked the Falcons into realizing that stopping the run has to become a priority, and we'll figure out how to assemble a run D and get the job done. This is doubtful, though I am not sure why.

The second is to get some turnovers. Memphis turned the ball over 18 times this season. If Keon can get a pick or a strip, and we can get up a couple scores, maybe we got a shot to hold these guys off.

One thing that won't happen. Falcon fans are talking about "getting a lead and taking Memphis out of their game plan." Note--review Toledo game films.

When BG Has The Ball

Memphis was second to last in the CUSA in pass defense. They were eighth in sacks. They were middle of the pack in most other defensive passing categories. They do defend the run well--third in their conference.

As good as their offense is, they defense is average in a conference I believe is about as good as the MAC. We should be able to move the ball on Memphis.

They had a junior All-CUSA back (Wesley Smith), as well as a lineman (Means) and LB on the second team (Enzor).

If the offense takes a powder like it did against Toledo (don't give me that crap about how many TDs were scored--I'm not talking garbage TDs), we will lose for sure. Our offense needs to hit on all cylinders, and the D needs to either surprise us, or get some turnovers for us to win.

Final note: We've got to hit in the red zone for 6.

Special Teams

Memphis has an outstanding kicker, Stephen Gostokowski. He was 20/24 on FG's, so if they need a late FG, we're in trouble. Their punting and KO returns were at the bottom of their conference, which might matter more in a field position game--which is not what anyone anticipates.

I don't predict scores or winners. I like the Falcons chances. I'll be pleasantly surprised if the D can hold Memphis. It should be a BG win in a shoot-out, but I wouldn't be surprised or embarassed if we lost to this team.

Daugherty Nails the Reds Situation

Great Daugherty article on the Reds. Just think of them as a movie or a cheap date. Keep your passion elsewhere...

Falcons Leave for Alabama

Falcons have headed down to Alabama. Watch here for a Memphis preview coming up shortly, but in the meantime, they're on their way to the GMAC Bowl.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More Harrington v. McMahon

Son, what you got here is a real QB controversey. Killer Kowalski weighs in with an inside look at the internal machinations over who to play at QB. Its not a pretty picture.

Update: Mooch says Harrington will start. Millen wins.

The Saga of Joey

Joey appears to have worn out his welcome with Mooch. Its hard to say, but I would speculate that McMahon will finish the season, and then the Lions will go shopping. Joey now has a running game, but still produces little to nothing @ Qb. To all those Joey-haters, I have to tip my hat. I thought he was a can't miss, but there is no reason to think he has done anything BUT miss. Things can change, but today, for now, I don't believe you will ever see him lead a winning team. I don't know what it is. He seems to have the physical ability---he just doesn't seem to have the drive.

Well, one good thing. McMahon will stink, as he always does, and that will be the end of that nonsense. Of course, he's playing for a contract, isn't he.

How about them Lions!

Reds make trade

Reds went dealing, making a trade for an Ortiz--it appears to be Ramon--and I think its a fine deal. We gave up a minor league pitcher who has huge questions about him, and therefore, there is no reason to think that it was too much. Ortiz was good enough last year to start for us, and except for the year before that, he wasn't too bad. He's not going to win a Cy Young, but he improves our staff, and that's fine.

I'm a little worried--though not worried enough to look into it right now--whether his tendency to give up the homer will leave him more vulnerable in Cincy than he was elsewhere in his career. There is an answer to that, and chances are, its bad.

So, Wilson and Ortiz sit at the top of the rotation, and that's the start of a team that might be able to finish .500 if everything goes right.

I also worry if we're overpaying him, but I have to believe that was factored in--and erring on the safe side--by OB and the dudes in the FO.

Then, I hear we signed David Weathers and Ben Weber as free agents. Weathers certainly blew in his first Cincy assignment, but his 4.15 ERA once again positions him to contribue to our club. And, if healthy, Weber becomes a nice guy in a set up role, and he appears to be a whack-job, which will fit in nicely.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Limited Domino Effect

The clock on the Brandon watch is probably off midnight. The normal football domino effect appears to have slacked off, as some internal promotions have been made, especially at BYU. Not that I expected Brandon to go to BYU, but rather he could have replaced the guy who went to BYU. Wannstedt possibly going to Pitt even helps a little more. I think its likely he will be back.

UT DC Lou West will go to Indiana State to be HC. We'll see how much he is missed once he's gone....probably more than anticipated.

Harrington Watch...For Whom the Bell Tolls

Great blog on the Detroit News site. Hilarious. Details all the Lions QB switches over the past few years. There have been enough to be embarrassing. But it seems that McMahon will finish the season. He'll stink, but sometimes you have to try something. And we have to go looking for a QB. Do we have cap room for Brees?

Detroit News Weblog IDs possible QB Switch

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Lions Blow Another One

I think what disoriented us was that when we left the field at halftime, and fans were booing and it WASN'T our fans--well, hell, that has to throw a guy off.

Really, we were lucky it was as close as it was. The Packers who handing the game over throughout the first half, and only a team as incompetent as the Lions could only have been up 13 at the half. The second half felt like a foregone conclusion most of the way. Farve does respond when cornered. Joey does not.

I like Kevin Jones...I like him a lot. He's a great pick up. I like Dick Jauron--I think he gets those guys as ready to play as anyone can. I like Hanson. The rest of them I can take or leave.

I mean Joey was 5 of 22. We gained only 45 yards in the air. It doesn't matter how hard the wind was blowing. Its not all Joey's fault. Plenty of drops out there. Protection was OK, but not great. Still, it becomes harder and harder to imagine Joey being the guy who leads this team to the Super Bowl.

Well, above .500 is gone now. A .500 season remains a remote possibility. If we can put anything together at all, we can beat the Vikes at Ford next week, as they ride through their annual November-December purple fade.

On the whole, another disappoointing season. Let's hope we can finally get some more help from the draft. Do you draft QB?

Falcons overwhelm Penguins

The Falcons bolted out to an 18 point lead less than seven minutes into the contest, and never looked back. At 47-28 with 18:48 left in the game, the Penguins were as close as they would get. BG held them off, no significant runs, and the 5-game winning streak is intact.

Almanson was on fire. Coach says he is very focused. He is on his way to the All-MAC season he has always been capable of. He scored 28, which tied his career high, shooting 11-13, including a trey. Reimold chipped in 16 and Wright 14. Unlike our teams in the past two years, this team's starting lineup has three legitimate scoring threats. That helps a lot.

We shot well again, at 53% for the game, and held Youngstown to 42%, with about 29% from beyond the arc. They did get six three's. We only turned it over 16 times, and shot 80% from the line, too.

We played well, and Youngstown isn't very good. Still, the Falcons have two road wins, equalling the number of road wins last year's club had all season.

That early Buffalo game is shaping up to be a proving ground for our club.

In the meantime, they get a break. They have only two games left this month--IPFW and Oakland--and could easily bring a healthy 7-1 into the contest against the team some thought would win the East.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Indiana Wants Me, Lord I Can't go Back there,

Apparently, Coach Brandon is on the list at Indiana. He also said in the BG News that he wants to make more money, sure, but it wouldn't be any fun in an evironment where he was getting his butt kicked, which would seem to describe the situation at Indiana, where their all-time winning percentage is 43% and they have had nine straight losing seasons since Mallory left. I have to believe he passes there. BYU worries me a little bit--but do they want an LDS coach? At this point, he may be back, and we could have a big season, which is all the better for him.

Falcons and Penguin Prognostication

Well, on one hand, this is a team we beat last year pretty easily, and they did not return most of that team (only six back) and they were 8-20 last season. They are 0-3 against Division I competition this season, and none of the games have been close. They are ranked 314 out of 332 teams in Sagarin.

On the other hand, this year we're playing at their place, and two of their losses are to a pretty good Southwest Missouri State and a decent (top 100) Boston University team. At home they could be tough....

Add it all up. We should win this game. I don't believe we played as badly against Bluffton as we let on, and it we bring our game Saturday, we should win.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Falcons stomp Bluffton

As expected, the Falcons shot 65% and beat DIII Bluffton 87-60. Of course, we had a lot of close in shots.

As expected, Coach Dakich railed in his post-game talk about how bad the team was, how the wrong team won the game, etc, etc. Just like he did after the last two Urbana games I was at.

Free fries were acquired. Reimold with 18.

Tough game Saturday against Youngstown State, who has a reputation of being hard to beat at home. We need to keep the ball rolling. We should finish December without a loss, setting up a message game against Buffalo on 1/2 in AA.

Reds Say Good-Bye To Larkin, others

A sad day today, as we non-tendered four guys. Larkin leaving, of course, is the end of a drama that was foretold months ago, yet should not suffer in the passing. Of course, Darren Bragg and Gabe White--we won't miss those guys.

But Barry was one of our great ones. But, the surest way to live an unhappy life is to expect nothing to change.

We decided to keep John Reidling. Why is not immediately clear.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Non-tender Riedling?!

Not so long ago, it was unthinkable. Today, it is the best move. You shouldn't pay any kind of money for a guy this below average--there are, by definition, many others out there. Furthermore, his arc is in the wrong direction. You have to be ruthless if you are going to win without $$$.


Monday, December 06, 2004

Brandon Does TV Interview

Coach Brandon did an interview on Fox, where he says he was never offered the job at UNLV and turned it down pretty much as soon as he got back to BG.

Lions Snap Losing Streak

Well, the Lions finally snapped their losing streak yesterday. Candidly, its nothing to be proud of. They needed to have an opposing QB throw 4 picks to make it happen. There was plenty wrong with the rest of the effort. Joey was poor again. His passing is inaccurate, and it shouldn't be--he can't surivive if it doesn't improve.

Kevin Jones, on the other hand, is going to be a good one. We should be under no illusions that Arizona is a run-stopping machine, but even having said that, I think we can agree that he is the kind of back we haven't had for a long time. He is a great bargain for as last as we got him.

His emergence does put the lie to the theory that if Joey had a running game to take the pressure off, he could deliver. Because he increasingly has one, and it hasn't.

Artose Pinner...welcome to the waiver wire.

Navarre was simply awful, but you might have expected that in his first start. He is nowhere near ready for that level of competition, and by "that level of competiton" I mean the Lions, which isn't exactly the Pro Bowl.

Did I mention the Red Zone. We were atrocious in the Red Zone. We're luck all those FG's were enough to get it done.

I like Alex Lewis. When Bailey gets back, this D has a chance to compete. I really think it does. If the offense can develop anything at all, this team could make the playoffs next season.

Playoffs?!!! Playoffs!!!? Well, its not even out of the realm of possiiblity for this rear, difficult as that is to believe. We are one game out of the wild card. One key concept here: The NFC sucks.

For the second time this season, we are playing a cornered Packer team. And they will do what they do in a corner...beat us like a drum.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hoopsters go 3-1

The Hoopsters played another strong game, winning their first game in Detroit since Ike was in office by 6, 59-53. This is a good win. Detroit is tough to beat at home, and they are certainly a MAC-caliber team.

Elements to the victory. First, get John Reimold to shoot 10-13 from the field and 6-8 from the arc, and we won't lose very often. He had 28. Overall, we shot 52.6% for the game (another good signal), including 50% from beyond the arc. Only 20 fouls and 17 to's.

Second, we held Detroit to 40.9% shooting. Detroit is a poor shooting team, and they didn't get well against us.

And that's how it goes. We didn't have a great offensive night, but Reimold made us good enough to win, given strong D.

This is exciting. We should win our next three, and enter MAC play at 7-1. Its a game by game thing, but to date, you have to be very happy with our play. Reimold and Almanson are leaders, and Steven Wright is a natural 2. John Floyd has been solid at PG. Soler and Eyink are giving good minutes off the bench.

Brandon Not Going to UNLV

A statement released by BG says that Coach Brandon has declined the job at UNLV. Its possible they choose Utah's Sanford over him, and let him pull out gracefully, but either way, if he leaves, it doesn't appear it will be to UNLV.

Falcons Award Banquets

From BGSU on the awards banquet. Congrats to the winners...apparently, Coach didn't resign at the banquet.

Jacobs Named Team MVP

2004 Football Awards Banquet

Dec. 4, 2004

Bowling Green, Ohio - Sophomore quarterback Omar Jacobs was named team MVP at the 2004 BGSU Football Awards Banquet, December 4. BGSU is 8-3 and will play Memphis at the 2004 GMAC Bowl, December 22, in Mobile, Alabama.

In addition, the team's 14 seniors were recognized for posting a MAC best 36-12 record since 2001 and have been nationally ranked each of the last four seasons.

Jacobs has tied a MAC record by being responsible for 40 TDs (rushing or passing), a mark he shares with former Falcon and current Baltimore Raven Josh Harris (2003), Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger (2003 for Miami) and New York Jet Chad Pennington (1997 for Marshall). He joined former Falcons Paul Miles (1973), Brian McClure (1983-84-85) and Erik White (1991 and 1992) as being named the MAC Offensive Player of the Year.

He set a school-record with a national leading 36 TD passes and also ranks first in points responsible for (21.8). He is second in total offense (357.1), passing yards (3,637), third in passing efficiency (167.8) and fourth in completions per game (25.3). For the season, Jacobs has completed 283 of 418 passes for 3,637 yards and 36 TDs. He also has rushed for 291 yards and four TDs.

BGSU Football 2004 Awards Banquet

President's Award (Athletic/Academics)-- Andy Grubb Future Award-- Kory Lichtensteiger,Pete Winovich Captains-- Jovon Burkes, Keon Newson, Cole Magner, Scott Mruczkowski Coaches Award (Attitude)-- Cornelius McGrady, Todd DiBacco Carlos Jackson Leadership and Inspiration Award-- Andrew Hart Ken Schoeni Award (toughness and Desire)-- T.J. Carswell, James Hawkins Orange Helmet Award (Football Player)-- Cole Magner Doyt Perry Award (Supporter)-- J. Robert Sebo Top Defensive Lineman-- Mike Thaler Top Linebacker-- Jovon Burkes Top Defensive Back-- Keon Newson Top Offensive Lineman-- Scott Mruczkowski Top Receiver-- Charles Sharon Top Offensive Back-- P.J. Pope Special Teams-- Shaun Suisham Victory Club Offense-- Scott Mruczkowski, Andy Grubb Victory Club Defense--Daniel Sayles, Jelani Jordan Victory Club Special Teams--Terrel White, Gavin Powell

Sources on are reporting that Coach Brandon has been offered a $600,000 deal to coach UNLV

He will probably take it, and most likely announce it at tonight's banquet, if the report is true. Reports are he has told the team today.

Falcons Should Beat Titans

I've come to this opinion. The Titans have lost to Ball State and Western, big in one case. We should win this game today.

Begin the Brandon Watch

My prediction is that Brandon has one more game in orange and brown. I don't necessarily think he will go to UNLV, but I believe he will go. Meanwhile, he snuck out to Vegas, but the local paper found his hotel registration.

He has no word on his return, but then again...what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas (hehehehe).

Its actually a sticky day for Brandon, because the Football Banquet is tonight. He has to get up and laud everybody and talk about how great the program is, without pulling an Urban and giving them the idea he's not leaving. Hopefully,he will handle it better than Urban.

Coach Brandon Interviews in Vegas

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Give the devil his due

You can mock Toledo Tom for being fat and undisciplined.
You can laugh at their early season debacle against Minnesota and Kansas.
You can say Bruce doesn't have a good arm.
You can say their offensive scheme is boring and predictable.

Give the devil his due.

You can't take away three division titles in the last four years.
You can't take away two MAC titles in the last three years.
This team wins, and they deserve credit. As much as I hate them.

They win, and until we're doing what they are doing, there won't be any shutting them up.