Friday, August 31, 2007

Opening Day---Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts!

Here we go again. The best time of the year starts today and goes until the end of March, when basketball ends. Falcon sports simply makes me happy--no other way to put it. I love that team, and it is a great diversion for me--even when the roller coaster his the bottom of the hill. I know it is only a game...but it is a passion for me. I love college football and basketball.

MAC Predictions

In case you wonder, yes, I know there were MAC games last night. I didn't get this done. OK? Here are my fearless picks for the MAC race.

I swear, this is what I was going to say:


  1. Kent--Kent was closer than people thought last year on a young team, bring back 16 starters, and now adds a win @Iowa State to its repertoire. I think Kent wins the East.
  2. Miami--Very, very young team last year. In a weak East, I think they compete again.
  3. Akron--Stellar D puts them ahead of other teams.
  4. BG--Still rebuilding. Strong finish.
  5. OU--Close wins last year hard to count on again. Big losses.
  6. Temple--Still Temple. Someday they could win the MAC
  7. Buffalo--Still Buffalo.


  1. WMU--Very tough schedule is working against WMU. However, their line play is very strong, and they will win this tough division.
  2. CMU--Explosive attack, and nice schedule mean #2.
  3. Toledo---Always dangerous. Program troubled.
  4. NIU--Rebuilding season.
  5. Ball State--This team might win the East.
  6. EMU---What can you say?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Falcon Game by Game Predictions

As part of an annual exercise in humility, each year I go through each game and predict how I think we will do. It was easy early on, when we had a number of walk overs. Last year, things didn't go so well. And yes--at the end of the season there will be a post that tells the sad story of how I did. Here we go....

9/01/07 at Minnesota TV Minneapolis, Minn. LOSE
09/08/07 at Michigan State TV East Lansing, Mich. LOSE
09/22/07 vs. Temple TV Bowling Green, Ohio WIN
09/29/07 vs. Western Kentucky Bowling Green, Ohio WIN
10/06/07 at Boston College Boston, Mass. LOSE
10/13/07 at Miami TV Oxford, Ohio LOSE
10/20/07 at Kent State Kent, Ohio LOSE
10/27/07 vs. Ohio Bowling Green, Ohio WIN
11/02/07 vs. Akron TV Bowling Green, Ohio LOSE
11/09/07 at Eastern Michigan TV Ypsilanti, Mich. WIN
11/17/07 at Buffalo Buffalo, N.Y. WIN
11/23/07 vs. Toledo TV Bowling Green, Ohio WIN

6-6. In the East, 3-3. No Bowl game.

Some comments. I don't think we have the horses to pull off an early season upset, even against flawed opposition, and by the time we get good (if that happens), we're playing our toughest game of the season against Boston College. The MAC has gone a long time without a BCS win, and we're not going to be the team that breaks the string. We will beat Western Kentucky.

To the conference games, I see us being even. I assume we are going to beat Buffalo, and Temple. Then, I assume we lose at Kent, who Phil Steele has winning the division, as they return butt loads of players. I also think we lose to Miami down there. I think the Hawks are on the comeback trail and will be tough down there. That leaves us 2-2.

We have Ohio and Akron at home. Now, if we won those games, we're 4-2, and in the hunt for the division title. And they are both winnable--especially at home. OU does not return much, and Akron is hurting on offense. Phil Steele has us ahead of both of them. However, if we win both those games, we would be running the table at home, and I don't see that. So, I'm saying we lose to Akron and beat OU. But, if we can take those two, we are in the hunt.

I think we win both cross over games, and that makes us 6-6 for the year. But, all is not lost. Because, as I see it, we should win four of our last five games, including over Toledo, and have mucho momentum heading into next season, when we can cease to be a young team and begin to have the junior and senior dominated team that wins Championships.

Blog Poll Week 1B

So Brian, at Mgoblog had a really good idea. Normally, pre-season polls blow. But, our effort was to post a poll, have everyone take a shot at it, and then re-evaluate. Which I have done. I looked at the comments people posted, and made the following adjustments.

I downgraded Georgia and Hawaii. I was convinced that in the predatory SEC, Georgia's youthful team will not be able to maintain a top rating. I think I originally had them higher because I like their coach and program, but accept that I was probably a little blinded. Now, as for Hawaii, they're going to lose once, somewhere, despite having the easiest schedule in the country. And with one loss, they only cling to the Top 25.

I considered downgrading South Carolina, where I was out of step with the mainstream, but I decided not to. I like what the OBC has going on down there. He's a snake in the weeds.

I am not downgrading LSU, despite being called a "fruitcake." I understand USC might win the NFC North. When they face LSU in the title game, an SEC-tested, Les Miles coached LSU team will beat USC by dominating the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, and by matching USC in team speed. Much like Florida did last year.

Now, OSU is probably overrated, but, on the other hand, I think Tressel will have that team ready to go.

Rip away.

1 LSU --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Texas --
4 Oklahoma --
5 Michigan --
6 West Virginia --
7 Virginia Tech --
8 Florida State --
9 Louisville --
10 South Carolina --
11 Ohio State 1
12 Penn State 1
13 Wisconsin 1
14 Florida 2
15 Oregon 2
16 Missouri 2
17 Georgia 6
18 Texas A&M 1
19 UCLA 1
20 Alabama 1
21 Tennessee 1
22 TCU 1
23 Nebraska 1
24 Hawaii 9
25 Oregon State 1

Dropped Out: Arizona State (#25).

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Weekly Presser is Back--let the smart ass comments begin

My favorite thing of the year...the weekly pressers. As always, my wise-ass and uninformed comments follow in orange.

HEAD COACH Gregg Brandon
Q. Looking at the depth chart, did (DE Joe) Schaefer and (NG Orlando) Barrow emerge at the end of camp to take the starting spots?
A. Well, Joe Schaefer was on the verge of starting last year and tore his knee up before we even played a game, so he just bounced back from that injury and has won the starting spot. Orlando had a really nice off season and really got himself into great shape while doing a nice job at the inside tackle spot. He's definitely a guy that's going to get a lot of snaps in there.

I mentioned this yesterday in the depth chart review. I'm glad to see Joe Schaefer back in the mix and I hope he can produce at DE. We need a good pass rush, and with Briggs on one end, you could see lots of pressure from the others. Barrow is one of the guys I worry about. Of course, Coach isn't going to say, hey, Barrow got this by default, so time will tell.

Q. Will this give you more depth on the defensive line?
A. Yes, definitely. We will have Sean O'Drobinak, D.J. Young, Michael Ream; really, there are 10 guys across the front that I think can play.

Q. A couple seasons ago when you had those eight or 10 guys that you could rotate. You were very successful with that, and then for a while you haven't had that.
A. That's correct. I think we have that again; we just need to keep them healthy.

Well, I'm worried about our depth here. I just don't see it. If we had depth here, O'Drobinak wouldn't have moved from D-Tackle and started. Having said that, perhaps our young guys are more talented than I thought. I'd be surprised. As for rotations, yeah, we love to rotate guys on nearly every play.

Q. Speaking of healthy is Freddie Barnes going to make the trip and is Keston Cheathem on the depth chart?
A. Keston is still working on that shoulder that he separated, but he did practice yesterday although he was limited. Freddie went yesterday full-go, and I think toward the end of practice he was kind of tired and fatigued, just because he's not used to all the running. He hasn't done it in a while. Freddie will be on the bus (leaving BG for the airport), definitely.

Nice to see that Freddie isn't going to walk to the airport. We are shallow at WR, so without him, we are in trouble. He showed flashes as a WR, and I hope his skills have continued to improve.

Q. Do you feel like this was a longer camp than normal or a shorter camp?
A. I feel like they've all been shortened since the NCAA went to the 2-1-2 set-up and the five day acclimation, I mean, it's not the same. I'm used to three weeks and multiple two-a-days and it just hasn't been the same the last three or four years. I don't think it was any different this fall than it was last fall, other than I have a more experienced team which allowed us to do more things offensively, defensively and in the kicking game than we did last fall.

Who asked this question?

Q. With (Minnesota's) Spread Coast Offense is P.J. Mahone going to be seeing some playing time?
A. I think that spread stuff is an illusion. I think they're going to line up two tight ends and pound us. If I was him that's what I would be doing. That's what they're built for up there - their tight ends are good players. Amir Pinnix is a good back and his back-up is fast! I think they're going to line up and run zone and stretch and play action.

This is really interesting. Normally, we don't recommend giving coaching advice to the OTHER TEAM, but what do I know. I'm just a blogger.

For my part, if I was him I'd rush the shit out of our punter and run straight and our LBs, but that's just me.

Seriously. We are playing a team with a new coach, which is often tough because you don't have any film at all and no idea what they might look like. (In fact, 3/4 non-conference games are against teams with new coaches). Anyway, he's coming in talking about switching the Glen Mason ground attack over the to oh-so-trendy-yet-almost-yesterday's-news spread offense. A lot.

So when coach says its an illusion, that's kind of hard to believe. Now, no doubt, that Brewster knows that his personnel--left over from Glen Mason--is better for the run down their throat attack. And I have no doubt if they have to, they will do that to win.

Now, maybe Brandon knows the spread offense isn't an illusion, but he wants Brewster to think we think it is, and then, maybe he wants us to think that we think that, too. Hmm. It is like an episode of I Love Lucy.

Q. It seems like every year the team opens with a team that has a pretty good running game. Do you feel you are more ready this year than you have been in the past couple years?
A. It doesn't really make any difference (who we play). We have to be ready. We have to get ready to do what we need to do to win the game, and not really pay much attention to whoever we open the season against.

Very insightful. Take it one day at a time, just trying to help the team.

Q. Does an early-season game against Minnesota benefit you more than playing them in maybe week five or week six?
A. Definitely. It is the same with Michigan State, but we still have Boston College in week six. We are going to be matching up with some big, physical teams. Any time a team goes into the Big Ten to play, those teams are going to wear you out.


Q. Have you made a decision on who will start the season at quarterback?
A. Yes, Tyler Sheehan will start. He became an accurate passer and the type of thrower that I need to run the offense and be able to complete passes in our system. He manages things very well for us, knows the system and is able to spread the ball around. If the first guy is not there he is able to use his reads and his feet and arm to get us to the secondary guy or third guy. He's still learning and he is by no means a finished product. He's getting better and better every day; he's grown in the system and understands it better. I think Coach (Mick) McCall has done a great job with him and hopefully it will pay dividends through the course of the year.

This is, of course, the worst kept secret in the MAC. I blogged on this yesterday. Clearly, Coach wants to throw. We had the best running in the MAC last year and were 4-8.

Q. Is there any thoughts of putting Anthony {Turner} on the field and running?
A. Absolutely, Anthony Turner is still in the mix. It's important for him to understand that. He can still help us win football games. He's a great running threat from the quarterback position and Anthony can do some things throwing the football but we will still utilize him in that regard as well.

Well, this will get the Nation in a furor. Football fans hate having 2 QBs. They prefer having a clear starter so they can bitch about why the backup isn't in. No, really. Anyway, I don't have any problem with a situational use of AT. Skinny the playbook in the redzone, he can still run or pass. I think he could score for us and not have to throw longer passes, which he does not do well, apparently. We did something very similar with PJ Pope in the shotgun and it was unstoppable.

Q. Is Willie Geter your number-one running back right now?
A. Well, Geter is going to start the game because he's earned it by having a great camp, but we have to play all those guys. Eric Ransom is back to full strength and he's practiced the last couple days and seems to be full throttle from his hamstring. Chris Bullock is definitely in the mix too. He's proven that he can make yards running the football. All those guys, particularly Geter and Ransom, give us a good threat throwing the ball either out of the back field or putting them in the slot. Our challenge is to get two of the three on the field at the same time because with that kind of speed on the field it gives you different dimensions.

Well, he's number one on the depth chart, so OK. But, the interesting info here is that clearly there will be a lot of sharing of the load. I think Bullock is losing carries because having a RB who can go into the slot is huge in this offense, especially against blitzes. As a citizen of the Falcon Nation, I can't wait to see Willie run.

Q. They're running behind a pretty solid offensive line.
A. No question. Our five starters are definitely experienced and bring a lot of game experience to the table. I've always believed that if you have a good offensive line you can do a lot of things offensively. It's just like last year; when we ran the ball we were able to move the ball around and when you have that ability it gives you a chance to win some games.

See yesterday's post here at the Falcon Nation. One note--we didn't move the ball around much last year.

Q. At the end of last season you said you needed an explosive running threat. Is that when you went out and got Geter?
A. I told my coaches we need (a player similar to former NIU running back) Garrett Wolfe and that's when they found Geter. Geter wasn't very highly recruited because he's not a very big guy, but he's a very powerful kid. A lot of teams didn't want to take a chance on him because of his size. He benches two and a quarter about fifteen times and he's quick as a hiccup. He's in Coach (John) Hunter's office all the time watching game films studying and asking questions. He just loves to play the game.

More or less in a Blade article we cited a couple of days ago. Run, Willie, Run.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Here it comes! Football is almost back...

After a long winter and a long hot summer, Falcon football is almost back. The Falcon Nation looks on in, shall we say, nervous optimism. More punditry and predictions later in the week. Now, let's look at how we lining up to enter the season.

The earlier post mentioned that Tyler Sheehan has replaced Anthony Turner. At no time have I seen either of these players lead our offense consistently and effectively. I always believed Turner would win the job, and can only conclude that Sheehan has looked that much better in practice. Also, I don't think Coach Brandon is as big a fan of the runspread as Urban Meyer is. He prefers the passspread from Brandon I-III.

So Sheehan gets the nod. A couple hopes. That he performs and puts the QB deal behind the team. That he can complete 60% of his passes, go upfield, and limit his turnovers.

The other BIG BIG news is a RB, where Willie Geter, true FR from Miami, FL, has vaulted to the starter, over last year's starter Chris Bullock and JUCO transfer hypeboy Eric Ransom. For the record, it is Bullock #2, Ransom #3, though he has not been healthy. We are very deep at RB.

WR--I just don't see the depth there. Dan Macon left RB and moved to WR and is instantly on the two deep. The starters are Partridge (stud), Barnes (athlete yet to prove at WR), Marques Parks (believed decent but unknown), and Ty Pronty, who was a backup in the Spring Game to a FR, Kelvin Davis who short armed a pass and left school.

Second string at WR is the highly touted Zach Charles, (fast) but not a shown pass catcher, Macon, totally untested Derek Brighton and Calvin Wiley.

TE is Jimmy Sheidler, even though it isn't a position we use much, and the FB is Pete Winovich. Don't use that much, either.

On the line--we're pretty good and stable. Nystrom, Steffy, Lichtensteiger (3 time All MAC), Curtis and Huselman go L-R. This and RB are the proven strong points of the attack.

On to defense. The line is anchored by Diryal Briggs, a true stud, and 3 questions. At the other E is r-JR Joe Schaefer, who was injured during the Spring. Then, at tackle, there is former TE Sean O'Drobinak and R-FR Orlando Barrow, who vaulted past Michael Ream. This does not look like an Rx for success.

I was worried about LB, because we seemed to be moving people there willynilly--a sure sign that we don't have confidence in the guys recruited to play there.

That all seems to have ended. Now, Dozier, Haneline and Hargrove go across, with Dozier moving to the middle. I like the starters, much better than before. Don't know about depth. Hope they stay healthy.

D-backfield. We remain really young here, but they played a whole season, and there is talent. At corner, Antonio Smith and Kenny Lewis are good-very good players. At Safety, Jerrett Sanderson and Jahmal Brown are also promising and getting better. I'm worried about depth at corner--those backups get lots of snaps with today's WR-laden attacks. Tarell Lewis might be OK, and Roger Williams, well, I don't know anything about him, other than founding Rhode Island. No real major changes.

Finally, our JUCO transfer kickers better make the kicking game better, or this team will not pass .500.

More later this week, just to say, I can be as optimistic as the next guy. We remain very young. 23 of 44 players are Soph or Junior. We lose only four starters off the depth chart, and one is Winovich. Next season will be our year.

More tonight, but for now, here is your starting QB....

Via the Blade (photo, too), Ryan the Vowelmeister has the story. Sheehan to start for Falcons. They say that he has come on over the course of the Spring and Fall and is better suited to lead the team than AT. Ryan also traces the tragedy that is AT....but for now Sheehan is the man.

A fuller review of game notes is on the way tonight. Let us just say this. I was an AT supporter, but I don't see the team practice. My only hope is that Sheehan holds the job, so the team will know for this season who the QB is. And, so we can win some games this year. We must be able to pass accurately and downfield, too.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's Willie's World....

He just lets us live here. Ryan from the Blade (I would use his last name, but I don't feel like typing it--too many frickin vowels), is back, this time with a story on true Fr. wunderkind Willie Geter, who is drawing comparisons (from our coach) to Garret Wolfe. He was all-Florida 1st team but was recruited only by us, Akron and South Florida due to size. Get this anecdote from his HS Coach:

"I put Willie on a little sweep and he cut it outside and then he cut it back in," Zaccheo said. "The safety [highly ranked nationally] looked at Willie and kind of licked his chops, and Willie proceeded to plant that kid in the ground and leave cleat marks on his chest."

Nice. Like to hear that. As we had heard through the grapevine, Willie passed Bullock and Ransom to the starting position. I also hear he can play slot, much as PJ Pope did, providing a strong disincentive not to blitz your LBs, lest you get a quick elusive back running around in your spread out secondary.

Finally, Ryan says Coach will name the starting QB early next week, but that Sheehan takes first team snaps most of the time. This is a topic for another day, but I just think that Coach prefers a throwing QB over a running QB. Let's just hope he can move the team.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mgoblog calls me Fruitcake

For picking LSU ahead of USC.

A technicality saves me from a whack ballot, which I did get once last year.

Defense for my pick comes later.

Split wide for the Falcons, Dan Macon

Ryan is back with the latest from Falcons training camp. The bulk of the story is a thumb-sucker on new DC Mike Ward being rewarded for loyalty...and, we hope for making himself a better coach since he was passed over for the job the first time. But time will tell. As always, the real stuff is in the notes.

INJURY REPORT: Receiver Freddie Barnes is practicing limitedly after injuring his ankle a couple of weeks ago, but he should be back for the Sept. 1 game at Minnesota. Fellow receiver Keston Cheathem is still bothered by a separated shoulder and spent yesterday's practice running up and down the steps at Doyt Perry Stadium. "I don't know if we'll have him for Minnesota," Brandon said. "That's touch and go right now."
MACON A CHANGE: Former running back Dan Macon is now a full-time receiver, getting repetitions at the "X" position. "He's got great speed out there. He just has to keep working on his hands," Brandon said. "He'll help us out there, definitely."

So, that's the real news. Now, for uniformed commentary and speculation....

Two things on Dan Macon. I feel kind of bad for him. He came in as a LB/RB. In fact, I think we had the idea he was a better defensive player. But, we need depth at RB, and he goes there and plays behind PJ Pope and BJ Lane. Then, he takes a mid career redshirt so when his day comes, he gets two years.

The first of those was supposed to be last year. Sadly, he wasn't healthy, then Chris Bullock emerged, and he made a limited contribution. This year, we bring in Eric Ransom from JUCO, and it looks bad, and now that Willie Geter (true FR) is going all whoa-nellie in camp, he falls even farther down.

So he moves to WR. I hope he can make a contribution, because I think he has been hurt just by some bad timing, and being behind some really good players.

Now, as for WR, I think one thing is clear. We brought in JUCO WRs, we're moving Macon to WR....I think what many of us feared at WR was true. We don't have much there, beyond Corey Partridge. The spread requires an absolute butt load of WR, and we don't seem to have the depth we need to move the ball. (We had some young guys leave over the years rather than sit behind our other wawesome receivers.)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Falcons Hoops Schedule Released

So here begins the story of Louis Orr at Bowling Green, as the new coach begins his quest to rebuild the Falcon program. The first challenge is scheduling...always a challenge in the MAC and with our small arena. Last year, Coach Dakich's schedule received some criticism for being way too easy...I actually like this year's schedule. Here is why:

  • Temple is playing in AA. I know it isn't the Temple from before, but it is still Temple, a big name opponent that should draw, playing in our place. It is thanksgiving weekend, sadly, but we will be there.
  • Two A-10 teams--Temple and Duquesne.
  • While not huge name teams, Morehead State (bracket buster rerun), Illinois State and Eastern Illinois are two good programs for us to be competing with in our gym.
  • Likewise, the Furman and N. Colorado trips are nice road trips.
  • There are four home games prior to the start of the conference season. Nice balance.
  • As I see it, no D-2 teams on the schedule.

2007-08 SCHEDULE

Fri., 9...........Cincinnati Tournament (Cincinnati, Ohio) & (AZZ says W. Carolina)
Sat., 10..........Cincinnati Tournament (Cincinnati, Ohio) & (AZZ says Belmont)
Sun., 11..........Cincinnati Tournament (Cincinnati, Ohio) & (AZZ says UC)
Sat., 17..........MOREHEAD STATE
Sat., 24..........TEMPLE
Tue., Furman


Sat., Oakland
Wed., 5 / Thu., Northern Colorado
Tue., 18..........ILLINOIS STATE
Sat., Indiana State
Sat., 29..........EASTERN ILLINOIS


Wed., 2...........DUQUESNE
Sat., 5...........OHIO *
Sat., Kent State *
Thu., 17..........BUFFALO *
Sun., Akron *
Wed., 23..........MIAMI *
Sun., 27..........NORTHERN ILLINOIS *
Wed., Ball State *


Sat., Western Michigan *
Wed., 6...........CENTRAL MICHIGAN *
Sun., 10..........TOLEDO *
Wed., Eastern Michigan *
Sat., 16..........AKRON *
Tue., Ohio *
Sat., 23..........Bracket Buster (road game)


Sat., 1...........KENT STATE *
Tue., Buffalo *
Sun., Miami *
Wed., 12..........MAC Tournament First Round ^
Thu., 13..........MAC Tournament Quarterfinals ^
Fri., 14..........MAC Tournament Semifinals ^
Sat., 15..........MAC Tournament Championship ^

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Falcons in NFL Pre-season

Charles Sharon, the outstanding BGSU receiver, he of the acrobatic catch that beat Purdue, is in his second year of trying to hook on with the Jaguars. And, it looks like he might be making some headway.

He had a big night last is what had to say....

Charles Sharon would seem to be the big winner of the night. He caught three passes for 54 yards and his first catch of the evening, a leaping grab along the Tampa sideline in the second quarter, made an impression on Del Rio.

“That’s the one thing that stuck out,” Del Rio said.

Sharon was the Jaguars’ star of spring drills and he’s making a move to become the team’s star receiver of the preseason, too. It’s a move that could land him a roster spot, or maybe even more.

“He’s making plays,” quarterback Byron Leftwich said of Sharon. “Chuck got this swagger about him.”

Yes, he does have that swagger about him. We know that. It would be great if he made the team.

In Cleveland, Steve Sanders caught 3 passes for 40 yards, including a 24 yarder during the Quinn-led rally in the 4th. He did catch one and fumble, though he got the ball back. He is a long shot to make the team.

This provides some perspective on those teams we had. In addition to a QB who got NFL looks, we were throwing to three WRs (Magner, Sharon, Sanders), each of whom got serious time in an NFL camp. Plus, PJ Pope continues on as well with Green Bay. I am sure no BG offense ever walked onto the field with five position players who ended up in NFL camps.

So, when Gregg Brandon doesn't look like as good a coach as he did before, ask yourself this: who would?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Football nuggets

Two football nuggets.....

First, I note in the Phil Steele College Football Preview (The Bible), the only conference ranked worse than the MAC is the Sun Belt. And I note that in the USA Today poll, no MAC team got even one vote, despite several MAC coaches possessing a vote. Just sayin'.

Second, the BG News staff is now blogging. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


You know college football is coming when the pre-season blog poll comes out. Love doing this--it is an absolute blast. Here is my draft pre-season poll. Comment as you like.

Here's the drill. After Wed the 22nd, there will be a spirited (no doubt) debate on mgoblog about who is over-rated and under-rated. A new adjusted poll will come out on the 29th, based on those arguments. Then, it is time to play football.

A few comments. Like LSU a bunch, and I doubt that USC can close the door, so that explains #1. OSU will exceed expectations, and Florida will disappoint. Other than that, here you go.

Final note: I just can't pick WVU and Louisville as high as some people do. They're just....WVU and Louisville.

1 LSU 25
2 Southern Cal 24
3 Texas 23
4 Oklahoma 22
5 Michigan 21
6 West Virginia 20
7 Virginia Tech 19
8 Florida State 18
9 Louisville 17
10 South Carolina 16
11 Georgia 15
12 Ohio State 14
13 Penn State 13
14 Wisconsin 12
15 Hawaii 11
16 Florida 10
17 Oregon 9
18 Missouri 8
19 Texas A&M 7
20 UCLA 6
21 Alabama 5
22 Tennessee 4
23 TCU 3
24 Nebraska 2
25 Arizona State 1

Dropped Out: