Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blade Covers Omar and Josh

Maureen Fulton talked to Omar, who seems to be doing OK in Pittsburgh's rookie camp, but admits nothing is coming easily.

Meanwhile, Ron Musselman talked to Josh Harris, who is just happy to still have a chance--and, candidly, given the low wattage guys ahead of him, I believe he could grab the #3 spot on that team.

Good news for both our quarterbacks, I think. I do take the talk in Pittsburgh with a little grain of salt--they are saying basically what they have to say, so its hard to know what's really going on. I think Omar will make the club, but remain unconvined (but waiting eagerly to be convinced) that he will ever start in the NFL.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Trip to the Oracle....Mysteries of Falcon Football Scheduling Revealed

Sentinel had a good article today on football scheduling. Can't type the whole thing in, but here are some highlights.

  • Scott Seeliger is handling scheduling for the time being.
  • You can't pile up 2-1s....and we know it.
  • With that in mind, they hope MAC schools schedules games with return home games.
  • The Arizona State (2007) and Virginia Tech (2008) games are off.
  • In 2007, we have Boise and FIU at home, and are looking for a road game.
  • In 2008, we're supposed to be at Wyoming and at Boise on back to back weeks, which we are trying to change.
  • Pitt will be on the schedule for 2007, closing out a 2-1.
  • We want another 2-1 with Pitt.
  • Wyoming is coming here in 2009, and we are at Missouri that year.
  • Seeliger says which it was "administratively" bad to give up Boise, Coach Brandon felt it was worth it.
  • In return, the MAC is working to get BG a home game against a Big 10 opponent.
  • The OSU game in 2010 will probably not happen.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Turner to Miss Wisconsin Game

As reported earlier, Coach Brandon has decided to suspend Anthony Turner for the first game of the season, against Wisconsin, for some legal difficulties involving marijuana. I say "reported earlier" with the word reported being a light attempt at humor. It was, in fact, on an internet message board--and therefore something of completely unknown reliability.

Coach Brandon announced it today in the Blade.

Here's the really funny part....

"I don't know how this got out - that upsets me. It's kind of one of those things I'd like to keep in-house and keep with the team. was on the Internet probably five minutes after you said it. Further, what did you think people were going to say when the kickoff of the Wisconsin game started??

Here is his full rationale.

When a kid screws up, in Anthony's case the possession charge, they have to serve a one-game suspension," Brandon said. "I have never said this publicly before, but the fact that the first game after the incident is Wisconsin means that will be the game Anthony sits out.
Now, he goes on to point out--correctly--that while the Wisconsin game is a big deal, we want to win the MAC, and we don't need that game one little bit. Based on what we have seen, I think Barnes will struggle, and it could well cost us the game, but not the season.

Just as importantly, I think its going to put a lot of scrutiny on the program. Candidly, this wasn't a very serious situation. And as other things crop up--and they will--I think Coach will be asked to compare how other actions detrimental to the team are not worthy of a game suspension, while this one was. That's probably a distraction no one needs.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

MACreport online reviews hoops recruits

Ray of hoopfactor reviews the MAC men's basketball recruiting classes on MACreport online. Here's what he says about the Falcons. Place special emphasis on two things. First, the general notion that the talent level is rising in the program. Second, the idea that Ryan Sims can play point, which we sorely need.

Bowling Green: Another really good class for Dan Dakich and crew. I love Ryan Sims (strictly in a basketball sense). The 6-1 guard out of Fort Wayne has the ability to be the best guard in the MAC by the time he's done. And yes, he can play the point. Marc Larson is a skilled, if somewhat robotic, post player. The 6-9 kid out of my old neighborhood - Portage, Michigan -- got some high-major looks early in his career, and can use either hand down low. He has the chance be an upper-echelon MAC player. Otis Polk is a 6-9, 285 monster out of Detroit Consortium. He's a space-eater who, according to my most valued Michigan source, knows he belongs in the post. Ryan Hamblet is a 6-6 athlete from Chicago via the excellent Chipola College (JC) program in Florida (he played his high school ball at Von Steuben). Dakich likes his athletic ability and the fact that he makes plays. Chris Knight is a Cincinnati product that spent last year prepping at The Patterson School (#3 ranked prep school in the country). Knight averaged 12, 10 and 4 on a school that went 37-3 and sent FOURTEEN guys to the D-1 level. Unfortunately for Falcon fans, Knight will have to sit out next year while trying to qualify academically. Fortunately, recruit Lionel Sullivan from last year's class has qualified and will battle for minutes down low. Dakich has a real solid base of talent to work with and next year could be very successful - some would say it has to be. Put Bowling Green in the Future Results Needed Now Category.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Artie Pepela Leaving BGSU

BGSU is reporting that Assistant Coach Artie Pepela is moving on to Middle Tennessee State. Artie is a good guy who deserves the best, and I wish him the best. I would assume that LaMonta Stone, who has recruited Detroit effectively for us, now moves up to be the top assistant.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pittsburgh Live On Omar

Pittsburgh Live, the home of Steelers coverage, has some reaction to the Omar drafting. By and large, its positive. Media wise, they seem to think they have gotten value, and that Omar is clearly in position to be the #3 QB on the team. Some quotes:

"I think we got good value and a good young prospect," coach Bill Cowher said.

Despite the drop-off, Jacobs felt it was best to leave school, because his team was losing several other good players, because he felt it wasn't a great draft year for quarterbacks, and, he said, because of his "family situation."

Some scouts don't like Jacobs' three-quarter delivery, but he has a powerful arm and good mobility, and Whipple believes his height makes up for the low delivery point. Whipple doesn't plan to tinker with Jacobs' motion.

Whipple is the QB coach in Pittsburgh.

The Steeler message board is pretty interesting, and pretty positive on the signing. Here's a link to the main Omar thread. There seems to be the usual message board anger and hostility, but fans seem to like Omar's potential.