Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Benchmark Report, Owl Edition

So, here we look at the Temple game based on some statistical benchmarks that are commonly used (by me).

First thing that jumps out are the passing numbers for Temple.  Counting sacks, they tried 17 passes.  They were sacked on four of them, which means just under 25% of the times they wanted to pass, they were sacked.  Even without any interceptions, that's not good.  Similarly, they only completed 42% of those 17 passing attempts and averaged only 2.6 yards each time they went back to pass, which would be a bad running number and is a dreadful passing number.

BG defended the kickoff well, too.  Note that Temple was held to very low conversions on third down, for a team that was converting at a high rate.  Also, which 5.3 yards per rush is good, it is less than Toledo ran for against us.

For BG....

First, it was great to run the ball 46% of the time.  We seem to need that to compete.

BG gave up more sacks (probably by 1) than you would like to see, but ran the ball pretty well, all things considered.

BG struggled passing the ball...just not as badly as Temple did.

BG's 4th down conversions actually gave them a higher conversion rate on 3-4 down than Temple had.

BG got good kickoff field position, as well.

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