Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leather Helmet Football Burns Falcons...

In a dreadful performance, BG lost to Kent State today, providing the Flashes their first FBS victory of the season.  BG was outcoached and outplayed in all aspects of the game.  Notwithstanding a ridiculous decision to kick a FG from the 7 yard line late in the 4th Quarter, BG played awful from start to finish against a team who cannot beat anyone.  Very, very disappointing.

One thing is sure.  Coach was right when the said this team wasn't good enough to have a trap game.

Seeing how we feel....imagine how Temple feels today.

This program still has not delivered back to back FBS wins for the last two seasons.

In the words of John Gibson, "I cannot believe this."

Now 4 and 5, BG now looks on track for their second straight losing season, and frankly could easily finish 4-8.

UPDATE:  I will say one thing.  Coach Clawson didn't try to say we were young and he came right out and said "we made too many mistakes to beat anyone at this level."  I doubt his predecessor would have been so direct.

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