Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teleconference and Game Notes

The game notes are out....depth chart is pretty status quo...

  • Samuel is now listed officially as the #1 TB.
  • Kyle Bryant is back still listed as starting at LT, even though by the end of the UT game Bojicic was out there he didn't play against UT..
  • There might be some shifting around at D-tackle, but they rotate all the time anyway so it doesn't really matter.

Also, Coach Clawson talked on the MAC teleconference today.... He didn't make much news. What he did say was…

This is a championship game for the MAC East in our view.  And, if BG wins, they would have 2 losses in the MAC and the tie breaker against Miami and Temple.  I applaud BG for getting up for the Temple game...absolute best case, BG has to win out in the East and maybe lose to NIU to have a shot.  We're a long way from that.

Temple is running "downhill fast" in the words of Coach Clawson.  As I noted yesterday, they have been relentless since their loss to the Rockets.

People kept trying to offer Coach Clawson the credit that the team didn't give up Saturday.  While he accepted that, he also said that, at some point, that's expected, and what the Falcons need to do is to try and learn how to win those games in the 4th quarter.

Last year's close game with Temple was noted, but Clawson said that they have new coaches and everything is different.  He alluded to the thing that worries me most....Temple is a beast running the ball, and given the last 3 weeks for BG....

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