Monday, October 10, 2011

Falcon Trail of Tears is 214 yards long...

Coach Clawson talked to the MAC teleconference today...apparently, since the WMU game, the coaches have been doing a little measuring.  He said BG missed 6 key tackles which netted the Broncos 153 additional yards.  Then, when you add in the failure of the defensive line to stay in their lanes and keep Carder inside a "cage," you have 63 additional yards for a total of 214 yards allowed by defensive mistakes.

They rushed for 351 on the game.

Coach also repeated a comment he made after the game, which is that the missed tackles were from our best defensive players...which, if true, would mean that we should be able to improve things.

He was asked several questions about the timing of the game.  He deflected most of them, but he did say that originally he was not in favor of moving the UT game to the middle of the season, but given the ability for students to be able to participate on both sides, he thinks now that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Finally, the game notes were released with the depth chart.  Things look pretty status quo.  Keith Morgan is listed as #2 Rover and Chip Robinson and Dominique Wharton are listed as "OR" at LG, I assume due to injury.

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