Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Benchmark report

Here's a look at how BG fared last week on various statistical benchmarks...

So, a few points.

  • WMU gained more yards per play running then passing.  This is very unusual, and not a credit to the Falcon defense.  Sack adjusted, they had over 8 yards per rush, which is crazy.
  • Counting their 2 4th down conversions, WMU converted 67% of their 3rd or 4th down plays.  That is also pretty amazing.  BG only got off the field 4 times.
  • WMU was also devastating in getting to the redzone and scoring when they were there, with 5 TDs in 6 attempts.
  • Finally, WMU made a first down on 2 out of every 5 plays.  That is pretty good.
  • BG's offense is deceptively good.  The Falcons had an 81 yard, 11 play drive when the game was over, with is about 7.4 yards per play and brings your average up.  22% of BG's offensive output was on that drive.
  • BG ran the ball 41% of the time....very difficult to win when you are in that position.  Having said that, BG was above average.
  • Also, note WMU's very solid special teams numbers.

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