Thursday, October 06, 2011

Blogger Roundtable, My answers

1.) Now that the nonconference has wrapped up for most everyone and we turn our eyes toward conference play, what did the nonconference season teach you? More importantly, what teams do you see as frontrunners thanks to their nonconference play? Any surprises?

I think the nonconference season did reveal a couple of things.  First, speaking for the Falcons, we are a little better than I thought we might be and our young team is showing that we are positioned well for the future.  I am hopeful for a couple upsets moving forward.  Clearly, based on the schedule to date, UT has emerged as the conference favorite.  Also, WMU looks very strong.  NIU can't stop anybody.  Ball State is on their way back...and Akron is still lousy.  The MAC still have a tough time against BCS teams.

2.) It's obviously early to be thinking about bowls, but what teams do you see going bowling? More importantly, will there be a MAC team that will surprise folks come bowl season? Where do you hope your team ends up bowling?

Well, for the Falcons, I would be happy for any bowl assignment at all after 2-10 last season.  At the beginning of the year I thought 6-6 would be an accomplishment and I still think that.  I don't think that MAC bowl teams will be too big surprise...think UT, OU, WMU, NIU and Temple.

3.) Again, it's early, but are there any coaches on the hotseat that should be working their resume? Any MAC coaches you see moving on to greener pastures come season's end?

Well, so many coaches in the MAC are new that it is hard to imagine anyone getting the boot. I always wonder about Cubit, but he seems to have put things together.  This could be a year when everyone is back.  I'd say that Enos is the most on the hot seat, and even him I can't see them firing.  As for moving up, that could be anyone.  Mike Haywood was selected to move up after one season.  I'm sure people are talking Beckman, who will have opportunities.

4.) With all the talk of conference expansion and the assumption that WVU or Missou is the next to switch conferences, what do you see happening to the MAC? Any teams living? Where to? If teams vacate, how should the MAC respond?

Well, it is my feeling that Temple will go back to the Big East.  They will get the invite and go.  I also believe that this will put UMASS in doubt, though I imagine they would be a little ways from picking up the kind of steam it would take for a major bid.  I don't see any other MAC teams coming up.  In general, these moves are designed to create a final set of major conferences, cut the smaller schools out of the money and then we get a playoff.  Others have talked about merging the MAC with C-USA or the Sun belt.  I don't see what C-USA gets out of a merger like that, and I don't see what the MAC gets merging with the Sun Belt.

5.) While football is a team game, sometimes it's about individual efforts. Who has had the most impact individually for your squad? Sort of the same line of thinking, but contingent on your own needs and roster, what other MAC player would you like to switch out for one of your own?

There have been a number.  True freshman Anthon Samuel has had 3 100 yard games and a game changer in Oxford.  Eugene Cooper is having a big year and Matt Schilz is much improved.  On defense, Dwayne Woods is as good as any MLB in the conference.

As for a player I switch out, I never want to denigrate one of our guys.  Certainly, it would be great to have Matt Weller and know you could kick a freaking FG...and maybe a D-back like Kent's Norman Wolfe would have fit in.

6.) Power poll time, baby. First to worst... rank 'em

Ball State




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