Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rocket Story: Part III, Special Teams

I wanted to make sure the special teams got their own section, because there were a couple of huge plays made in special teams.

First, I hope BG fans appreciate the quality punter we have in Brian Schmeidebusch.  Not only did he maintain an excellent punting average, but he single-handedly kept Eric Page in check.  His punts are very difficult to return.  They either roll right down the middle of the field, or they are high enough to force a fair catch.  He had an average kick of 42 yards and an average net of 40.  He's good.

He also had a play that kept BG in the game.  The Falcons were down 7 and preparing for another 3 and out when they ran a fake punt with Schmeidebusch.  He took the snap, waited a second, and ran right upfield for 18 yards.  It was one of those great fake punts, where he is practically running alongside the Rocket defenders, except everyone is running in the same direction.  (He actually was recruited to colleges as a LB and had a chance to walk on at BG as a LB).

The other huge play was the Boo Boo Gates KO return for a TD.  It was a really impressive run.  He didn't commit to his move too soon, but waited until it was set up and then essentially made one cut and was gone.  It gave BG a chance at the end.  He is a true threat back there on kickoff returns, in addition to being a very solid player on defense.  We can look forward to two more years of enjoying his play.

BG almost had a couple blocked punts.

Now, the bigger disappointment was missing that short FG in the first half.  It was windy, but it was also 24 yards.

Still, it has to be recognized that special teams helped keep us in the game...and that Schmeidebusch and Gates are two of our top players.

One last thing....there seemed to be a big controversy over whether the ball needed to be held after it blew off the tee on the onside kick.  I had always heard the rule that it could blow off twice and then it had to be held.  Certainly, given the reaction, that wasn't how Coach Clawson felt about it.  I actually looked in the NCAA rules and I could not find a rule that governed the situation, except that you could hold it if the ball won't stay on the tee.


Noel said...

Did Clawson mention if the fake was a designed play or one of those "reads" where Schmiddy can call his own number?

Hope you can make it over to our tailgate this weekend, lot 13.

Orange said...

He did. He said it was a called play. He refused to say whether BG had seen something on film or during the game, but it was definitely a called play.