Monday, October 24, 2011

Clawson Teleconference and depth chart review....

Coach Clawson did the MAC teleconference today.  Not too much news was made...

Coach Hazell of KSU made special comment on the energy on the BG sidelines, saying that the whole bench erupted when someone made a play.  Coach Clawson said he showed the same thing to our team.  He feels that while we don't have many seniors, they are leading the team unselfishly.

I never noticed anything like this, but when the team is erupting I usually am too.

Beyond that, it was a lot of coachspeak.  BG has to come out against Kent and play well, which is what good teams do week after week.

He also noted that Kent killed us last year, with many of the same guys.

As for the depth chart, all was pretty quiet there, too.  A few guys are "OR" where they weren't before and vice versa.  Nothing that would seem to impact rotation and overall snaps.

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