Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Another Falcon Monday

A couple things typically happen on Monday...first, the MAC teleconference provides some access to Coach Clawson and then the game notes come out, most of which are not that different from week to week, but there is also the depth chart, which provides sweet, nourishing minutiae to the obsessed.

Anyway, John Wagner's Falcon Fodder in The Blade summed all this up....here are the high points...

First, Cooper and Leacock will be eligible to play on Saturday.  Whatever the issue was with the clearinghouse, we, well, went to the house and cleared it up.  No penalties or ramifications will occur.

The good news is that BG did not have a lot of injuries in Morgantown.  Samuel could have played, but it would have served no purpose, and Robinson and Truss both practiced late last week and are expected to be active this week.  Also, Hopgood should be good to go.

That right there is 6 regulars back for BG.  Ted Ouellet is listed as starting DT again, though he left the WVU game and did not return.

There were no other changes to the depth chart that I could see.

Being healthy again will be key.  While WMU is looking good and appears to be a very solid team, I am looking forward to seeing how the Falcons respond to the challenge.

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