Sunday, October 13, 2013

Past and Future Opponent Land

A look at how our opponents fared this weekend....

The biggest news here is the OU loss.  BG and Buffalo are now the only undefeated teams in the East.  If you have to lose in conference, you want it to be a cross-over game, but it could make a difference.  OU's schedule is pretty soft coming home.  They still have Miami, UMass and EMU, but they also have to play @BG, @Buffalo and an improving Kent team.  Essentially, they may need to run the table and if they lose a 2nd time, it could keep them out of a tie at the end of the year.

Tulsa (2-4)  Defeated UTEP for 2nd win.
Kent (2-5)  Battled Ball State very tough before 3 point loss.
Indiana (3-3) Whomped by MSU.  Trending back down.
Murray State (4-3)  Lost to SE Missouri State in OT.
Akron (1-6) Pressured the hell out of NIU before losing.
UMass (1-5)  Popped cherry with home win over Miami.
Toledo (3-3)  Idle.
Miami (0-6) Lost @Umass.  Nightmare continues.
Ohio (4-2)  Lost against CMU in Athens.
EMU (1-5)  Lost 50-25 to Army.
Buffalo (4-2) Creamed awful WMU.  Buffalo got huge break on cross-over schedule with EMU and WMU.

2013 Totals:
MAC vs. FBS: 9-28
MAC vs BCS: 4-22
MAC vs FCS: 10-2

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Luke said...

Buffalo also plays Toledo for a crossover but doesn't play Akron in the East