Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Belichek on Chris Jones...

When Chris Jones was signed by the Patriots, I said there that I viewed it positively.  The Patriots have a known eye for talent--for finding guys who can play who no one else likes.  Did you think Julian Edelman would be what he is?  See?

So, here from the Boston Globe are the words of Bill Belichek himself.  They had been watching him since the draft, tried to claim him when the Bucs got him and then picked him up when the Bucs dropped him.  Belichek doesn't have a reputation for being the most effusive guy--in fact, it is borderline hilarious to see him stonewall.

So, with that in mind, here is what he said about Jones:

“This is the first game he was active so he’s had a couple weeks of practice, a lot of meetings with Coach [Patrick] Graham [defensive line coach] and extra work on the field, before and after practice, especially after practice: one-on-ones and different group drills that we do and so forth. I think he’s getting a better familiarity with our system and our communication and the techniques that we play and all that.”

Belichick noted that while with the Texans, Jones played both nose tackle and end in their 3-4 alignment. New England has played primarily with a four-man front this season, but Jones’s experience at nose could come in handy.

Jones played 19 snaps against the Falcons.

“I think just overall getting familiar with what we do, our calls, his assignments, block reactions – those kind of things have gotten better over the last couple weeks,” Belichick said of Jones. “He was active for the game and had an opportunity to play some last night. Hopefully he can build on that.”

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