Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sweet Victory #5--The defense

For all the angst over the slow start for the offense, you can't put that on the BG defense this week.  Again, remember that UMass is averaging 7 points a game coming in and coming out, in fact), but they had as much trouble as BG did getting anything going.

They did not make a first down until their 4th drive.  They did not enter BG territory until the 2nd Q and after that not until the late 3rd.  The first-team offense pitched a solid shut out.

The numbers were good, especially given the last drive.

4.9 yards per play.
3.8 yards per passing attempt
8.7 yards per passing completion

UMass did get 5.8 yards per rush, which is not where we want to be.  A big factor in that was the 51 yard they ripped off from their own end zone.

Also, BG got their first interception.  Clawson has been harping on that.  Our defense is good on yardage and scoring but they don't force many turnovers.  Actually, BG had one INT and then it was negated by a penalty and then Ryland Ward picked one off and at least BG had popped their cherry on that one.

BG also had no sacks, but they did have 4 hurries.  They seemed to need to blitz to get that pressure, though.  Note: Ted Ouelette did not play.

For the defense, the concern at this point is how they hold up against better offenses.  They are racking up huge numbers, but they have only faced only really good QB and he put 42 up.  I'm not saying I don't think they can do it but there are some worrying elements that could reveal themselves against better teams.

The good news it that the UT game is not until 10/26.

Anyway, certainly the defense has done everything asked of them this year in the final analysis.  I think they are very capable of doing the same as we move forward, but like the offense, continued improvement is needed.

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