Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mullen Stalks

Last thing before gametime.  As everyone knows by know (if they didn't), Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen was the QB coach at BG during the Urban Meyer years.  

A couple things.  Every year, I find somewhere on line where someone says that Mullen was the OC at BG during those years.  In fact, he was not.  If you don't believe me, consult the man's official biography.

I had one exchange with a Professional Football Writer that went something like this.

Him:  Mullen was OC at BG.
Me:  No Gregg Brandon was.
Him: OK.  But, Mullen was the architect of the spread at BG.
Me:  No.  That was Urban and Brandon.  Mullen was the QB coach.
Him: It has to be true, I read it somewhere else.

Even Chris B. Brown, known on twitter as @smartfootball, wrote an entire e-book in which much of the early section talks about OC Dan Mullen.  Maybe he is not so smart.

Anyhoo, the awwww story this week is the romance between Dan Mullen and the woman who now is his wife--Megan.  She was the sports reporter at Channel 24 and Dan was home watching the news one night and was attracted to her and emailed her, informing her that he was the QB Coach at BG (an irresistible lure to any woman).

Sadly, the email also went to the news director who read it out loud to the entire newsroom.

Undaunted, he tried again, informing Megan that he was "not a stalker."  Little hint here:  if you feel compelled to tell someone you are not a stalker, you need to strongly consider the idea that you ARE.

She was finally pressured into the date by her news director and from there is was a love story for the ages.  Or, for an age.

Anyway, that's the Dan Mullen story in BG.  He's gone on to bigger things....Urban had quite a coaching staff there at BG.

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