Monday, October 14, 2013

Welcome the Bahamas Bowl.

Bowl news continues to come in, and it is of the positive variety if you are a MAC football fan...we're not going to go into the whole bowl thing here, except to say that if they are going to have them we should  be involved and I hope they figure out a way to have them not lose so much money.

This one is in the Bahamas, the only bowl as of now that is outside the US.  There's still one more bowl to be announced and then there will be "several" conferences rotating among the three is a little clearer now but you can read the MAC's summary here to see what the plan is.  I'd explain it here but I'd have to understand it myself completely.

Anyway, the venue is obviously interesting.  The problem with travelling to a bowl game (and this one appears to be pre-Christmas, too) is that you don't get much notice.  People who work are going to have a hard time just up and running off to the Bahamas with three weeks notice.  The locale is certainly appealing...and if people were going to up and run off, it would be the Bahamas before it would be, say IDAHO.  If you see what I mean.

Of course, these are really just TV shows for ESPN, so we can count on the game being on TV.

Starting in 2014, BG will have 5 guaranteed bowl slots, which is a nice number and helps reward teams who take a tough in-division loss but have good years.

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