Saturday, October 26, 2013

And there was sadness....

Very disappointing day out there at the Doyt.  It was kind of a 2011 "Close the deal" thing, with Toledo marching down the field just like OU did to put the Falcons away.  Bowling Green certainly had an uneven performance but had overcome all that to take a four point lead with about six minutes left to play.

At that point, you have to win the game.  And, when you have them 3rd and 26 and 4th and 9, you have to be able to make those stops, and BG did not and UT won the 4th straight game in the rivalry.

Coach Clawson called it "heartbreaking."  I'm sure it was very quiet in the locker room after that one.

It was a great football game and very competitive and all that.  It came down to who made plays in the last six minutes, and this year it was the Rockets again.

Congratulations to them.  As Coach said after the game, they deserved to win it.  BG's goals are still all available to them, so there's a premium on getting over this one.  It was very disappointing...both that we didn't make the plays in the last minutes but also that we played so poorly for the first 27 minutes.  You'd like to bring your best game in this situation, and I certainly hope that was not it.

More to come.

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