Saturday, October 05, 2013

OSU-Northwestern Game brings BG upset into news

OSU is playing at Northwestern tonight and it marks Urban Meyer's first trip back to Ryan Field since the 2001 upset his team pulled over the Northwestern Wildcats.  Dave Briggs in The Blade had an excellent story about it with a great summary of the game.  Pop on over and read the story.

Just to contribute a few thoughts of my own....

It was an incredible day.  Honestly, I think as we mark the most exciting victories in BG history, it has to be pretty high on the list.  I am not sure it was among the most important, but it was an incredible win.  Obviously, going for two is a classic Meyer maneuver (at the time anyway) and the play call was total Meyer.  Re-reading this story recalled a really special time in our program.

As I recall, Walker expected us to kick and had his kick team out there.  They had no time outs, so BG ran the play against the FG defense.

The story notes that when Coach told Magner the ball was going to be in his hands, he said "Cool."  Kid was 18.  From Alaska.  "Cool."

Oh, and yeah, he scored.  So it was "cool."

Below is the team's highlight video from that year...the Northwestern segment starts at 10:48.  The segment is about 2 me, it will get your heart pumping.  Check Meyer out pre-game....WOW.  (Narration by Brad Fanning who is now in KC).

The story mentions the four current Big 10 coaches in that game...the answer is Meyer, Beckman, Wilson and Fitzgerald.  You can add Dan Mullen of the SEC, too.

Anyway, a great trip down memory lane this week.  We're building something back here and I'm excited about the direction of our program.

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