Wednesday, October 02, 2013

International Centre for Special Teams Research, Zippy

BG has now had 5 straight positive games, now...the big game against Tulsa, the OK game against Kent and then a very solid game against Indiana followed by an OK but positive game against Murray State at least based on our system and then a good game against Akron.  (The whole dumb thing is explained here.)

BG did not have any big special teams plays, but didn't have any negative plays either.  BG had 3 touchbacks on kickoffs, buried a punt and a kickoff return, while Akron started off in good shape but two lousy punts and a missed easy FG were factors in their defeat.

BG was a +6 and AU was a -1.

Here is how it shook out:

BG Positive Plays: (+6)
Punt to 2 (+2)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)
Akron KO return to 18 (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)

BG Negative plays

AU Positive Plays (+4)
AU KO TB (+1)
AU KO TB (+1)
AU KO TB (+1)
Punt inside 20 (+1)

AU Negative Plays (-5)
1 yard punt (-2)
Akron KO return to 18 (-1)
22 yard net punt (-1)
Missed 17 yd FG (-1)

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