Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Clawson Presser

Coach has his weekly presser today.  Nothing too newsworthy per se, but a couple of interesting segments.

First, he talked about Shaun Joplin.  The jist of the conversation was why had it taken Joplin--a player with obvious skills--to become a talented player.  Coach said while he had the physical skills coming out of HS, he might have been a more accomplished track athlete or basketball player than a WR.  It took him awhile to improve...but now he is probably our most productive WR, according to Coach.  Coach also said that he is getting mentally tougher.  Last year, he dropped a TD pass against UMass and was in a meltdown for 30 minutes.  Conversely, after a similar play last week, he was right back at it.

Next, he talked about how our team adjusted after their slow start against Akron.  There was no blaming, there was no pointing fingers...just coaches and players working to solve problems.  He cited Chief and Alex Bayer specifically for showing leadership.  Anyway, when you see teams that know how to win, this is their attitude and it is a good sign for our team.

Finally, he made the point that Akron's first 14 points were the result of a double-move (ie, one play) and then the other was aided by two "bad" pass interference calls.  Not sure, I entirely agree, but the point is that the defense was not an abject disaster and they were able to fix it for the final 3Q.

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