Thursday, October 24, 2013

Great SI Article on Coach Clawson

Pete Thamel, who is a legit bigfoot sports writer, did an awesome profile of Coach Clawson on  So if you want to know about how Coach left college unable to cook pasta, how he came up with a game to wear out four year olds and the various odd jobs he had to support himself as a young coach, this is your article.  There's also a nice summary of each of the turn arounds--Fordham, Richmond and BG.

It gives you a nice view of who he is and reminds us that these guys are human beings.

I think the most salient point is that, in his own words, Coach is not a "system guy."  He said that he would do whatever he has to go get the ball to his best players in space, and that has been lived out here at BG.  I think it is how people should coach.  As he says, it is easier to tweak a system that get good players.

I recommend the article to anyone.

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