Friday, October 18, 2013

Redshirt Report

One of the goals of any program is to have enough good players to be able to redshirt most, if not all, of your freshmen.  They get a year of practice and work out, and you get the benefit at the back end, when they are the most mature and capable.

BG is doing well on this front.  From what I can see, BG has only pulled the redshirt off 4 guys...

The most productive true FR has been Ronnie Moore.  He has caught 12 passes for 190 yards and he has scored twice.  He's also been returning kickoffs.  He's really fast.

Fred Coppet has had 23 carries at 4.9 yards per carry.  He has battled an injury.

Finally, there is Isaiah Gourdine, a d-back who has played in 4 games on special teams.  My guess is that the d-back injuries caused an issue on special teams and he was drafted into duty there.

Technically, William Houston is also a true FR.  Seems different, but that's four.  He has scored 7 TDs on 30 carries...he's one of the top 30 or so (there is a big tie) in the country.

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