Thursday, October 24, 2013

Clawson Presser: Two Word Message

Coach Clawson had his pesser yesterday, and I listened so you don't have to.

The high point came when Clawson was asked whether he hears from a lot of alumni and former players during Toledo he week.  He said and that there is a two-word message, and depending on how it is, the words can be different.

He had a lot to say about the rivalry, none of it unexpected.  It is an important game to the program and for the history of the program and the players clearly know that and so do our coaches.

Clawson gushed about UT...though, I think if you did a content analysis you would find he had as much good to say about UT as he did about Murray State.  Anyway, he said it is the best UT team BG has faced in 5 years, a time when Clawson is 1-3 against the Rockets.  He said that of anything, this is the best Rocket defense they have had during that time.  They are getting ridiculous sacks with a 3-man front.

He downplayed the injuries of Voss, Fluellen and Gallon, noting that UT is "loaded at TB."  He said that you expect injuries in October and you just have to be ready with depth.

With the Gallon injury, he said that BG had plans to work Jared Cohen into the rotation against Mississippi State, so he had been playing well.  He said what you expect...BG will miss Gallon but Cohen has to be ready to go.

He was asked if BG was motivated by taking UT out of the conference title running.   He said that "our motivation is for Bowling Green and not against Toledo."

Yeah.  OK.  Whatever.

Also, Teo Redding is now on the 2-deep, but he could still redshirt.  We will play him if we need him, however.

So that's the story.  Back to painting rocks.

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