Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Benchmarks, Mississippi State

Here's the benchmark report for the Mississippi State game.  You can see what it works out to.  A few notes...

First, BG's offensive numbers were pretty good.  Those are MAC-game averages and we were playing an SEC defense. The biggest weaknesses was a relatively low completion percentage and not doing very well on third down.  BG had only one turnover and that came on the last play lateral drill.  In fact, given all that, it is actually surprising BG didn't get more points.  They did have a drive that ended in a missed FG, but by and large the numbers were a little better than the points.

On defense, Mississippi State put up some good numbers.  Sack adjusted, they were very strong on the run, which is reflected in play selection, and considerably less effective against the pass.   They probably could have scored more too, except for the negative pass plays, which were a lot given the number of passes they threw.

BG had a nice game punting.

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