Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Benchmarks for UT Game

So, here are benchmarks for the UT game.  A couple things jump out at you.

First, BG threw 32 passes, counting sacks, and UT has a sack on almost 19%, almost 4 times the average in the MAC.  Obviously, very hard to win like that.

When you adjust running and passing stats so sacks count against passing and not running, you see that BG had a pretty inefficient game passing the ball.  When Johnson was able to get the ball off he was good, but as a team the passing was not efficient due to sacks.  BG did a nice job running the ball.

On the flip side, UT's passing game was also not very efficient, but that was mostly due to low yardage passes.  

BG's red zone defense gave up 4 TDs in 4 Rocket trips...which was after "leading the nation" in Redzone defense coming into the game.

BG had good success on 3rd down, as did the Rockets.

Honestly, except for the sacks, the stats are as close as the score was.  

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