Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two-Deep Adjustments

Falcon Fodder has the news on the latest from the Falcon Football camp. With Cohen and Martin out, the team has issued a revised two-deep.

Justin Ford is now listed as #1 at rover.  He is a R-JR who has played a decent number of snaps this year.  He's stepping into a big spot on the defense.  The Rover is the answer to the spread set...this is essentially a hybrid between a Will LB and a DB.  Martin was incredibly versatile covering those two roles and you can expect the RedHawks to test him Tuesday.  He is being backed up by Brian Sutton, who was originally a Rover and moved to S and now is moving back.

That became possible partly because Josh Pettus is finally expected to play again.  According to Falcon Fodder, he was dressed for Toledo but did not play.  Anyway, that probably frees Sutton up to move to Rover.

At WR, Heath Jackson has now moved into a starting role.  He has a nice game against UT and I think has potential to be a good possession WR.  He is being backed up by Herve Coby.  According to The Blade, the Falcons are trying hard to keep Teo Redding's redshirt on.

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