Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Zip Benchmarks

So here are the benchmarks stats for the Akron game.   A few observations:

On the yard per play numbers, BG ended up pretty average.  I was a little bit surprised at this.  Probably the biggest issue in that regard was the sacks...there were 6 for 28 and that put a real crimp in BG's production.  You can't give up six sacks on 30 passing attempts.

It was saved by two things.  BG continued to be good in special situations. The Falcons had only one red zone miss, and that was while running the clock out.  And excelled on 3rd down.  Overall, BG was very efficient, with only about 11 yards per point.

As average as BG's offensive numbers might have been, Akron was less than average.  The defense continues to get no interceptions and in this game had no sacks, which is kind of opposite from the way BG played.  Without those bigger plays, BG had to be better on general defensive plays.

BG held them to average 3rd down conversions.

I wonder how often the team that runs the ball more wins more.  Just curious.

BG outpunted the best punting team in the MAC...though admittedly, the poor pooch is included in there.

Ultimately, BG was very efficient on offense.  They scored pants when they had the chance.  It was a very solid win.

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