Tuesday, October 29, 2013

International Centre for Special Teams Research

BG has now had 8 straight positive games...although this one was just barely positive and represents BG's poorest special teams game of the year.  BG was +1, and no big plays and three minor negative plays.  UT had a very solid game (+4), again with no major plays but only one negative play. There were no huge plays..nor any major screw ups. (The whole dumb thing is explained here.)

BG Positive Plays: (+4)
BG KO Return to 45 (+1)
Punt to 11 (+1)
2 point conversion (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)

BG Negative plays (-3)
20 yard net punt (-1)
BG Ko ret to own 19 (-1)
UT KO ret to own 35 (-1)

UT Positive Plays (+5)
UT KO TB (+1)
UT KO TB (+1)
BG Ko ret to own 19 (+1)
UT KO ret to own 35 (+1)
Punt to 16 (+1)

UT Negative Plays (-1)
BG KO Return to 45 (-1)

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