Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Benchmark Report--UMass edition

So, here are the benchmarks for the UMass game.

A few notes.

As noted in the game review, the offensive numbers look better than they did in live action.  BG had nice yardage totals, strong running (and stronger when sack-adjusted) and excellent yardage totals , even with the 3 sacks deducted.  BG had no turnovers and really only struggled on 3rd down and by giving up 3 sacks on not that many pass attempts.

Also, BG's one red-zone failure was at the end of the game, where BG went into victory formation.

On defense, UMass had some decent running yards, but the passing numbers were really bad. In fact, so bad that even trailing by a lot the Minutemen kept running the ball. Beyond that, the defense was dominant.  No red zone trips, above average third down %.  A very nice game.

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