Sunday, October 27, 2013

Clawson and big games: The record

So, to no one's surprise, there is unrest in the Falcon Nation.  As you would expect, the unrest is focusing on the coaching staff, and pretty much no one is safe.  Most of it is pretty crazy but losing 4 straight to your rival will do that for you.  It also doesn't help that there seems to be a common issue--slow starts--but frankly, when people are this wound up about something, they would find something else if they didn't find this.

I'm nowhere near the "blow it up stage."  I do agree that we're past the rebuilding stage.  Coach Clawson agrees...he said that at the beginning of the year and he hasn't blinked from it since.  The program should be competitive.  But, judging it on one game isn't right.

One thing is factual.  BG has loaded up with wins against poor teams.  I did a little fact checking.  BG had 11 FBS wins over the past two years.  Only one of those teams looks likely to finish with a winning record--that's OU from last year, at 8-4.

The other wins--Ak (2), MA (2), EMU, Buff, Idaho, Tulsa, Kent, Miami, are all teams who had or have losing records and in general BIG-TIME losing records.

Here is the record of the teams we beat.

This year:  7-26
Last year:  21-63
Total:  28-89 (24%)

I'm not trying to pile on.  As I always say, you can't run away from the record, and BG's record against winning teams is one win over the last two years.

There's a chance to start to right this and that would be on November 12 at the Doyt against OU.  It is going to take a more focused and complete effort than what BG saw yesterday.  If BG goes 2-2 coming home--and that could easily happen--with wins over EMU and Miami...then arguments like this are going to gain currency.

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