Sunday, September 07, 2014

Win #1: Odds and Ends

A few other notes from yesterday's win...mostly bitches.

BG had a crowd of 18K, which is on the disappointing side of the equation.  The student section was filled, so no issues there, but the community sections were pretty soft.  No excuses...both UM and OSU played at night and it was a gorgeous day and your team is the defending champ and you are theoretically playing an exciting brand of ball.

I have been attending games there since 1971.  I'm glad getting attendance is not my job.

It is mostly due to TV timeouts, but the pace of the game--especially in a blow out--is just deadly.

I think we try to jam too much stuff into some of the breaks.  BG would do a summary of the scoring drive and try to show a bunch of plays and often there wasn't enough time for the whole thing.

"Talons Up," which seems to be the new athletic tagline, is incredibly stupid and makes everyone doing it look dumb.  We were better with "Roll Along," which I wasn't crazy about either, but "Talons up" is just dopey.

I know that we don't really have a clock killing part of our offense, so I understand why you needed to go fast even in the 4th with a big lead...but that doesn't mean I didn't wish for someone to just bleed some clock.  I never like to see us running up the score...keeping the #1 offense in was understandable given the issues with Knapke being new, but I didn't think we needed to challenge a fumble call with a 34 point lead in the 4th and VMI punting anyway.

I liked the idea of having food trucks in the stadium to provide variety as well as taking the pressure off of the notoriously slow concession lines.

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