Tuesday, September 09, 2014

ICSTR VMI Style...Big Scoring

The next week's results are in for special teams analysis.  It was a big game for the Falcons...their biggest since the Tulsa game to kick off last season.  BG was +12, tied for fourth best since the system was implemented in 2009.  The monks celebrate with a little too much mead.

BG Positive Plays (+16)
Burbrink PR TD (+6)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG punt to VMI 10 (+1)
BG Blocked punt, TD (+6)
BG punt to VMI 4 (+2)

BG Negative Plays (-4)
BG Penalty on KO causes start on 12 (-1)
BG PAT attempt fails  (-1)
BG FG Blocked (-2)

VMI Positive Plays (+4)
VMI punt inside 20 (+1)
VMI 45 yd net punt before penalty (+1)
VMI Blocked FG (+2)

VMI Negative Plays (-15)
VMI net 24 punt (-1)
BG PR TD (-6)
VMI missed 23 yd FG (-1)
VMI penalty leads to +45 net (-1)
VMI blocked punt, TD (-6)

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