Monday, September 08, 2014

Benchmark Report For VMI

Now, looking at the VMI game when compared to the MAC benchmarks from the 2013 season...

On offense, you can see the BG was well ahead of the benchmarks in many areas.  BG kept negative passing plays to a minimum, had an average performance on turnovers per play, produced a first down on 37% of its offensive plays and, thanks to two special teams touchdowns, had a really good yards per point ratio.  Up and down, the numbers are well above the average.   BG was even about 2 seconds faster per play than they were at WKU.

On defense, BG had some good results.  The 2 sacks and 1 INT are not great accomplishments for the defense, given the number of passes that VMI threw.  Their yards per point is just dreadful.  I know they only scored 7, but it just shows they had a bunch of yards to only get 7 points.  The red zone average is a clear reason...certainly that was a strength for the team last year.

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