Thursday, September 18, 2014

Babers Presser: Not At Liberty

Coach Babers had his presser today.  He really didn't have anything to say, beyond saying that he might have been a little amped up heading into his post-game presser after meeting with his jubilant players.  It was in reference to a question about the "feel them" comment, don't know if he would likewise extend it onto the bandwagon talk that has been effectively addressed by Dave Hackenberg in an excellent column.

Anyway, beyond that, it was a great win for our team, we had a bad practice yesterday ("hangover" but that's not the right word), he thinks our run defense did a good job and Wisconsin is probably better than IU, has a better TB and they're playing at home.

We are down another defensive player, but he is not "at liberty" to say who it is, because he doesn't want to help the other team, which is his choice and not really about being "at liberty."  As a fan, hearing about injuries is interesting because you are trying to figure out what the team is going to do, but I understand what he's trying to do.

And no.  No idea who he is talking about.

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